The Curse of Oak Island’s Gary Drayton starts YouTube channel: Gives top tips on getting the best metal detector

Gary Drayton on YouTube video
Gary Drayton has decided to pass on helpful hints for amateur metal detectors. Pic credit: @crossbonesnation/YouTube

Gary Drayton from The Curse of Oak Island has arrived on YouTube, where he hopes to help out others in their quest to find some treasure. And his first video is all about choosing the best metal detector.

The metal detecting ninja started the video by saying he intends “to give back to this hobby that I love so much” and that he wants others to experience “that find of a lifetime,” which he assures fans and any budding metal detectorists “will come eventually.”

Gary Drayton says he’s asked daily (up to five times a day, he claimed) what is the best metal detector that money can buy. Which one is the best value for money and which is the best at detecting?

His answer was both simple and complex at the same time. He said: “You need a metal detector that works for you.” Unfortunately, there’s no one single detector that we should all rush out and buy because it depends on what you’re looking for and where you’re looking for it.

Gary Drayton says to choose your treasure carefully

Drayton suggests that once you’ve decided what objects are most common in your area, then you should buy a detector that specializes in locating those particular objects. For example, he stated that there’s no point hunting for ancient pirate gold from the Caribbean when you’re on an Iowa farm.

He also stressed that it should be easy to use on our chosen terrain. So be careful to take that into account when deciding.

But the good news is, once you’ve mastered the basic techniques, Gary says it’s very likely you’ll have a better detector and better knowhow than the competitors in your area. And metal detecting can be very competitive, with lots of folk searching the same ground.

He also said to ignore what folks say on certain online forums about having the best, most expensive detectors. The fanciest, shiniest, and priciest detector is often the wrong one for your needs.

Gary Drayton says the ‘right detectorist’ is more important than the detector

On his Facebook page, Gary added a few more tips while answering fans’ questions. He reiterated that the most expensive detectors are not necessarily the best and that it’s more important that your detector feels comfortable in your hands: “It’s the one that feels right in your hands,” he wrote.

He also stressed that the detectorist is more important than the detector: “A cheaper affordable metal detector in the hands of the right detectorist is better than an expensive metal detector in the wrong hands.”

The Curse of Oak Island is currently on hiatus but is expected to return in the fall of 2021.

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