The Curse of Oak Island preview: The team dives into the sea in a quest for hidden shipwrecks

Craig Tester and Marty Lagina in Oak Island archaeology trailer
Craig Tester and Marty Lagina listen intently to the experts on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, the team will be consulting more experts as they dive into the waters off Oak Island in the hope of uncovering at least two shipwrecks.

Last week on the show, the guys turned their attention a little away from the Money Pit so they could hunt for artifacts on the largely unexplored Lot 8. They also took to the high seas with a magnetometer in an attempt to find metal deposits off the coast of the island.

The team identified many areas off the north coast of the island and on a shoal near neighboring Frog Island that they believe are worth further investigation. The guys are hoping there’s a shipwreck or shipwrecks lying just under the surface, hopefully, laden with treasure.

It looks like the team has thought the situation serious enough to invite Marine Archaeologist Dr. Lee Spence back to the War Room. Spence has spent a lifetime researching maritime history, and he found his first wreck on a dive when he was just 12 years old.

In a preview, Spence is seen pointing to a map of the water and stating, “Looks like we have two shipwrecks right here.”

Oak Island team dive into the water to search for shipwrecks

Diver Tony Sampson is also back for tonight’s episode, and this time, he’s brought his diving suit. So far, it’s unclear if he found anything, but a preview shows him getting particularly excited over readings from the magnetometer.

Oak Island dive team
The Oak Island team sent divers into the deep to investigate possible shipwrecks. Pic credit: History

The team will also welcome expert blacksmith Carmen Legge back to the island. He’ll be examining some of the artifacts that Marty Lagina and Gary Drayton uncovered last week on Lot 8. In a preview, while examining an artifact, Carmen states it’s very “old,” and Marty, always direct and to the point, demands to know the “age?” Carmen responds with “1500s.”

The History Channel episode descriptor reads:

“The team uncovers more evidence of shipwrecks off the shores of Oak Island as they prepare for the most crucial and consequential dig of their quest.”

Time is running out at the Oak Island Money Pit

We can also expect digging at the Money Pit to continue on tonight’s episode. After the failure of two shafts, the team is hoping their third time will be lucky with shaft number three. If this one does fail, they do have a fourth shaft still to come, but the guys must be disappointed not to have found anything so far.

With the wintry weather fast approaching, the Fellowship will be hoping for a big discovery soon.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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Wendy West
Wendy West
1 year ago

I’m wondering if this treasure is so deep and scattered from previous digs that it will be impossible to get to. As for the shipwreck…..who knows what might be found!
Maybe there is another year for the dig??

linda Meek
linda Meek
1 year ago

starting to wonder if it is time to say goodbye. I don’t watch anymore – just ask a friend who does if anything interesting has happened and the answer is usually – sorry no…….