The Curse of Oak Island: Survey leads to the discovery of a potential treasure-laden shipwreck

Oak Island team out at sea
Members of the Oak Island team took to the open water to find answers. Pic credit: History

On The Curse of Oak Island this week, the team put on their sea legs to investigate the sea bed along the island’s northern shoreline, and they made a discovery that could point to an ancient shipwreck.

The guys diverted their attention away from the Money Pit this week, if only for a brief moment, as a group of the guys jumped into a boat to look for clues to the Oak Island mystery off-shore.

And Gary Drayton and Marty Lagina did some good old-fashioned metal detecting on Lot 8, an area that has been largely unexplored.

Earlier this season, guys met with experts from CSR GeoSurveys Ltd who searched Lot 8 with a magnetometer, a device that detects ferrous metals under the surface. They detected a large anomaly underground at the time, but it’s so far remained unexplored as the guys don’t have the permits to dig in that area.

Is there a shipwreck off the coast of Oak Island?

Last night, the CSR guys were back with expert diver Tony Sampson, and this time, they decided to drag a magnetometer off the back of Tony’s boat in the hope of finding ferrous metals (iron) on the sea bed that Tony could investigate later.

Jack Begley and Charles Barkhouse joined Tony and a CSR representative in the water off the northern shore of Oak Island, and they immediately got a hit of ferrous metals down below.

The guys found plenty of targets that will be investigated later, but the most interesting hit came from the nearby Frog Island. This tiny island lies to the north of Oak Island and features a shoal, or an area with shallow water, just off its shoreline. Shoals are notorious for causing shipwrecks, and it was here that the guys got a massive hit for ferrous metals. So large that they suspect it might be a shipwreck.

Computer generated image of Oak Island magnometer
The magnetometer emits low power energy frequency radio waves to detect ferrous objects. Pic credit: History

Drilling continued at the Oak Island Money Pit

Meanwhile, at the Money Pit, the DH82 shaft approached the 90-foot mark, the area where the team expects to start finding artifacts.

They are drilling right in the epicenter of Robert Dunfield’s major excavation from the 1960s but are becoming convinced that the Californian treasure hunter just missed out on uncovering the treasure. Marty Lagina explained: “I’ve come to the conclusion – crazy as it sounds – Mr. Dunfield might have dug through the treasure and never seen it.”

Rick Lagina and Gary uncovered from the spoils a suspected cribbing spike, a pickax head, and a whole lot of wood, which is better than nothing, but the guys are now getting pretty desperate to find some treasure. With the winter rapidly closing in, time is running out. So, let’s hope they find something good soon.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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2 years ago

I think the show is operating on borrowed time. It has gotten very boring, they are really dragging this out. You could miss watching 5 episodes in a row and really miss nothing.