The Curse of Oak Island filming under way…and it looks like they’re going DEEP

A film being shot for The Curse of Oak Island and Rick and Marty Lagina
A scene being shot for The Curse of Oak Island and, inset, Rick and Marty Lagina. Pic: Karen Publicover

Filming for The Curse of Oak Island is under way — and the rumors are that the team are digging deep!

Photos show a scene being shot at 7am on the causeway leading over to Oak Island off Nova Scotia, where the series starring Rick and Marty Lagina takes place.

In the picture, taken as the sun was rising, a camera crew can be seen filming a lone figure on the causeway, thought to be Matty Blake.

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Another photo shows him strike a different pose as the crew appear to be organizing themselves to film another take.

A figure which looks like either Rick or Marty Lagina and The Curse of Oak Island camera crew
A figure which is thought to be Matty Blake and the camera crew. Pic: Karen Publicover
The figure looks towards the water as the crew appear to prepare for another take
The figure looks at the water as the crew appear to prepare for another take. Pic: Karen Publicover

The photos were taken by Karen Publicover, who owns property on the other side of the causeway from Oak Island.

She also told how more huge piping has arrived on the back of flatbed trucks this week — following a huge influx of equipment last week, before even more arrived towards the weekend.

Karen, who posted the pictures on her Oak Island From The Other Side Of The Causeway blog and Facebook page, also put up separate photos showing some of the equipment being set up on the island.

Cranes on the island in a photograph taken from across the water. Pic: Karen Publicover
A single crane on Oak Island
A later picture after one of the cranes was removed. Pic: Karen Publicover

Karen, who sees all the equipment arrive every year, said after seeing the latest delivery of extra piping: “Seems as though they are going pretty deep!”

History are yet to officially announce The Curse of Oak Island Season 5, but we told recently how several things had pointed to it being given the go-ahead. We also told how star Jack Begley confirmed the new season earlier this year.

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