The Young and the Restless spoilers: Victoria’s ruthless actions begin a Newman war

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease Victoria is taking charge.
Victoria proves she is just as ruthless as her father. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers for the CBS daytime drama tease lines are drawn in the sand, and it will rip the Newman family apart.

It will be a must-see week of the hit soap opera that will change the dynamic of the Newman family forever. Fans will be glued to the television to see one of the most dramatic showdowns in Y&R’s history.

Take no prisoners

Victoria’s (Amelia Heinle) take no prisoners attitude concerning Newman Enterprises and her family comes to a head. She makes it crystal clear that she is in charge and no one else.

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) pleads with her daughter to not blow up the family. However, it falls on deaf ears. Victoria proves she is just as ruthless as her father by doing precisely what she wants.

Victoria making an alliance with Jack (Peter Bergman) and the Abbotts is just the beginning of her new plans for Newman Enterprises. The next is holding a press conference and revealing a bombshell that shows she is the one calling the shots at the company.

Not so fast

At the press conference, Victoria gives a speech about leadership and accountability. The Young and the Restless spoilers tease Victoria keeps her family guessing regarding whether or not she spills the secret that Adam (Mark Grossman) killed AJ Montalvo.

It is a secret Victor (Eric Braeden) kept hidden since Adam was a child. The mustache is not going to let his daughter spill the beans. Plus, Victor won’t let Victoria destroy the legacy he built in Genoa City.

Victor and Adam are shocked at what Victoria says at the press conference. Adam tells Victor he has received Victoria’s message loud and clear. She is the one in charge now. However, Victor reveals to his son, “we’ll see about that.”

Fans can expect the business mogul to pull out all the stops to show his daughter who is really in charge. Victor drags all the Newman family into the drama involving Adam and Victoria. The mustache will force family members to take sides, adding another blow to the already fractured Newman clan.

Oh yes, a Newman on Newman war is heating up! It will no doubt be devastating for the family, but so entertaining for fans to watch.

The fallout of Victoria, Nikki, Victor, and Adam’s actions will make for the exciting drama that has kept viewers tuned in for decades.

Get ready, the tides are turning in Genoa City. Be sure to tune in daily to so not a moment of the nonstop action is missed.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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James Ferguson
James Ferguson
2 years ago

I think Victor Newman will take the reins of the company.