The Young and the Restless spoilers: Billy continues to blow up his life

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease Billy continues to blow up his life.
Billy makes a decision that costs him Victoria and pushes him towards Amanda. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers for upcoming episodes of the CBS show tease Billy (Jason Thompson) continues to blow up his life. He has been in a downward spiral for weeks, making life-altering decisions that are leaving his loved ones confused.

Billy has been lying to everyone he knows regarding how he is feeling and what is truly going on in his life. He is shutting out Victoria (Amelia Heinle) but is opening up to Amanda (Mishael Morgan), a woman he barely knows. The decision is coming back to haunt Billy.

Billy walks away from Victoria

After discovering that Billy has been lying to her for weeks, Victoria confronted her man. She desperately wants him to keep trying and fighting for their relationship. Billy, though, sees her plea as a demand for him to be a person he isn’t anymore.

Fans know Billy has been struggling with deep mental health issues, especially when it comes to his identity. The talk with Victoria only further proves to Billy that he can’t pretend anymore. Billy does the only thing he thinks is best and walks away.

The one thing Victoria has been fearful of since Billy started acting strange is him leaving. Victoria’s fear comes true when Billy packs his bags. She turns to Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), admitting out loud for the first time Billy is gone and is never coming back.

Amanda questions her friendship with Billy

Billy wastes no time letting Amanda know it is the end of the road for him and Victoria. He declares they simply can’t make it work, which prompts Amanda to question if their friendship crossed a line.


Billy point blank says they are not having an affair. He doesn’t think they have ever crossed a line. Although nothing physical has ever happened between Billy and Amanda, she reminds him there are all kinds of affairs.

Amanda has been Billy’s sounding board for weeks. She is the one he turns to in his time of need. So, as Amanda points out, they could very well be having an emotional affair. She is not wrong either. Billy feels a connection to the legal eagle that appears to be deeper than friendship.

The CBS soap opera is gearing up for a compelling storyline involving Billy’s mental health. Fans are not going to want to miss a single episode to see how it plays out.

While the current impeachment hearings have, and will, continue to impact episodes of Y&R, make sure you know how to watch the daytime drama if it is preempted or interrupted.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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