The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Ridge learns the truth about Brooke and Deacon

Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke.
Brooke’s world falls apart as everyone learns the truth on The Bold and the Beautiful. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) world comes crashing down this week on the CBS soap.

It’s been weeks since Brooke fell off the wagon and kissed Deacon (Sean Kanan) in the same night. Viewers watched as that flashback played for weeks, and now, the end has finally come, but not without at least one more flashback this week.

Taylor tells Ridge about Brooke

As several people have learned the truth now, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) was still in the dark.

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The Bold and the Beautiful writers have teased a love triangle brewing, and that’s exactly what seems to be coming viewers’ way.

Taylor (Krista Allen) will be the one to tell Ridge about his wife and Deacon. While he may not want to believe it at first, he does go home to confront Brooke.

With everything spinning out of control, look for Ridge to return to Taylor. Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) want their parents back together, and this may be the way they get their wish.

The Bold and the Beautiful - Beacon Busted (Preview)

Ridge confronts Brooke and Deacon

Immediately he confronts Brooke, and things go downhill. Ridge has been more than understanding as she revealed she drank on New Year’s Eve, and the guilt was eating her alive.

Brooke didn’t tell him the whole truth, and now that he knows, it may border as unforgivable.

It’s unclear how she will explain herself, but one thing’s for sure, Ridge goes to see Deacon.

When Ridge runs into Deacon at the bar where he’s been sleeping and working, he punches him, knocking him straight to the ground.

Deacon loves Brooke, and he is hopeful that a future may be written in the stars for them. Now that Ridge knows the truth and will likely walk away from his wife, it seems that a chance may be there.

Before all of this goes down, be sure to look for Steffy to confront her stepmom and rehash all of the scandals the blonde has dealt with over the years. She isn’t here for Brooke to be unfaithful to her father, and with Taylor back, Steffy is ready to have her family back.

Be sure to tune in every day so not a moment of the showdowns are missed.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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1 year ago

YES!!!! Ridge & Taylor together we need a new beginning.

1 year ago

no I will stop watching if it he goes back to Taylor.

1 year ago

The story line has been fun, especially with Shelia and Deacon. BUT….. Brooke and Ridge need to get through this together, investigate together. Ridge going to Taylor is so ridiculous like the past. I will accept a friendship but not sex and a future together. That ship has sailed……….and sunk. They are all in their 60’s now and have grown. Ridge is to know someone is pulling the strings…………Shelia. Finn should figure this all out along with Brooks help. Maybe even Taylor figuring it out.

Penny Podio
Penny Podio
1 year ago

No Ridge can NOT go back to Taylor, He needs to find out Sheila changed the bottles and work it out with Brook