The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for next week: Ridge confronts Brooke and Steffy leaves with Taylor

Thorsten Kaye as Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Ridge learns the truth about Brooke. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful is gearing up for November sweeps, and next week’s episodes are just the tip of the iceberg as October begins.

Who Douglas (Django Ferri) should live with remains the biggest argument. It’s affecting both families and one marriage.

Next week’s episodes of the CBS soap tease that Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) will have to decide between Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Taylor (Krista Allen).

Everything appears to be up in the air, and with the situation regarding CPS, the fallout may be more than anyone can handle.

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) is a point of contention between Ridge and Brooke, and her latest move may have cost her everything.

Here’s what happens next week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Ridge confronts Brooke

After hearing the CPS recording and her voice on the other end of the line, Ridge doesn’t know what to do next.

She denied calling CPS on the phone when he asked following the visit, and he believed her. Thomas’ urging forced him to dig, and now, her malicious call was confirmed.

The writing had The Bold and the Beautiful viewers wondering if Liam (Scott Clifton) was the one who made the call after talking to Brooke, but her voice confirmed she was the one who made the call, and she even gave the agency her name.

Next week, Ridge will ask Brooke again. When she denies it, what happens next could change their lives forever.

Taylor and Steffy head to Aspen

With Taylor dealing with her feelings, it is the perfect time to ditch Los Angeles and hit the slopes in Aspen.

That’s exactly what she does, and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) goes along to support her mom.

While in Aspen, Taylor comes to a realization. Is it that she will never be Ridge’s number one?

When Ridge flies all the way to Aspen and begs Taylor to listen to him, will she listen?

This may be the moment Taylor has been waiting for, but she could also deny him after whatever epiphany she had.

Meanwhile, Liam worries about Thomas’ intentions for Hope (Annika Noelle). He thinks the obsession will be brought up to the surface. Hope isn’t so sure there’s much to worry about as she shows Thomas some support, which surprises him.

Be sure to tune in daily so not a moment of the drama is missed.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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P. Martin
P. Martin
1 month ago

This is sickening. Where is the truth. Ridge and Brooke need to be together and Ridges ex wife needs to stop dressing like she is on the prowl and get back to her career. Does she have any patients? And remember she was buddy’s with Sheila. I will stop watching this if Ridge chooses his ex over Brook. Never to watch it again. He is married but kissing a home wrecker. Give me a break. Get a divorce then go smooching other women.