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The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for next week: Eric makes a shocking choice and a Bridge reconciliation?

Ridge and Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful.
A Bridge reconciliation seems to be in the works on The Bold and the Beautiful. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for next week’s episodes of the CBS soap tease big decisions are coming for some important couples.

Bold viewers have watched as the writers tore Bridge apart after Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) New Year’s Eve scandal, but now, it seems a reconciliation may be on the way.

As for Eric (John McCook) and his “pickleball” predicament, there’s a decision coming there too.

Brooke and Ridge

Brooke is ready to have her husband back home after learning her sobriety was sabotaged by Sheila (Kimberlin Brown). Had her drinking been the only occurrence, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) would be quick to return. However, the drunken kiss she shared with Deacon (Sean Kanan) stands in the way.

She has been trying hard to win her husband back, including going toe-to-toe with Taylor (Krista Allen), who is also vying for Ridge’s attention. With Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) away with the kids, their connection has been interrupted. It seems like Taylor is still hopeful they will reunite, but based on The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, it doesn’t seem like she wins this battle.

Near the beginning of next week, Brooke and Ridge will come to an agreement that should lead to his return home. However, Brooke will get some input from Deacon and Hope (Annika Noelle) about their relationship and possible boundaries. Deacon is the root of contention between Ridge and Brooke, so it only makes sense that there are some rules. Will their pleas fall on deaf ears?

Eric, Quinn, and Donna

Who would have thought Eric would be the one in an entanglement? Well, that’s where he’s found himself, and next week, he decides to do something about it.

His trips to the gym and “pickleball” are all about passion and intimacy with Donna (Jennifer Gareis), something he doesn’t get from Quinn (Rena Sofer).

Her lying and scheming, coupled with her affair with Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor), did plenty of damage to her marriage. With Eric unable to get intimate with her, it’s left things lacking.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease Eric makes a shocking decision about his current situation. Will he tell Quinn the truth? Will he choose Donna? The possibilities here are endless, especially given the secrets the writers have kept from fans lately.

Carter declared his love for Quinn, but she turned him down. He plans to return to Paris (Diamond White), but she’s not who he really wants. Speaking of Paris, she catches her mom giving Zende (Delon de Metz) some false home. She isn’t interested in anything romantic with him anymore, but her meddling mother just can’t help herself.

Next week, a lot is in store for The Bold and the Beautiful fans. Tune in daily so not a moment is missed.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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  1. Pls don’t put Ridge back with Logan, or Paris with Carter. Let Finn wake up and remember his wife and kid and want to be with them.

  2. It’s about time Ridge goes back to his wife. He isn’t any better than brooke for what he’s doing now with Taylor. And then there’s Liam. He’s married . Support is one thing. Eric isn’t any better then when Quinn when she cheated. It’s all unreal. Don’t like the story line and it’s to drug out.

    • I wiil stop watching Bold if Ridge goes back to his ex, I was hoping she was only going to be there for awhile and then go away so he can go back to Brooke where he belongs! I do not like the actress who plays the ex, she is so full of herself and just can’t stand her! I also want Eric to go back to Donna he is much happier with her!

    • I hope Brooke and Ridge don’t reconcile because she’s always meddling in someone else’s business and always comes out squeaky clean. She been with the whole family of men and she’s trying to act holler than thou!!!! As for Paris and Carter, Paris was so holy holy too about Zoe and she wound up worst than her. It sure something how you can point the finger. Then Eric’s old a.. Quinn was the best thing that ever happened to him and he’s just as bad as the next one!!! The Bold and the Beautiful is the biggest whore show going. I guess that’s why it’s the most entertaining!!! Keep up the good work Lol!!!!!!!

  3. Eric push Quinn to sleep with Carter.he should be ashamed of him self and his lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.shame on Eric..ill stop watching rather that to see this stupid shit with honey bear..just disgusting..

  4. glad finn is back Ridge needs to go back to Brooke they desrve each other Taylor needs to find some one nice

  5. I’m so sick of Brooke! Why doesn’t Taylor tell her to BACK OFF! She medals IN EVERYONES business. It’s about time someone knocks her off of that fake pedestal . Afterlife she’s slept with all the Forrester men and others! She’s no Angel. Same with that little slut Paris.


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