The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: 2020 preview promises love and war

Darin Brooks as Wyatt on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Wyatt makes a choice and it isn’t Sally. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful has a wild year ahead. 2020 is going to throw a lot of curveballs for fans, and with that will come plenty of surprises.

In the preview for The Bold and the Beautiful 2020 from Soaps In Depth, Bradley Bell dropped some hints about what viewers can expect in the months ahead.

Thomas will find love

It looks like Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) is going to be lucky in the love department this year. Who the lucky, or arguably unlucky woman is, remains to be seen. He still has his sights set on Hope (Annika Noelle), but Zoe (Kiara Barnes) is the one he has parading on his arm.

With Hope and Liam (Scott Clifton) no longer together, it looks like she may seek solace in Thomas. Her judgment will be clouded, and he will be there to comfort her in her time of need.

Having this pair together could cause a stir among The Bold and the Beautiful fans. Knowing the lengths he has gone to for the sake of snagging Hope, Thomas will be in all his glory if being with her is in the cards.

If Zoe is the one who gets hurt, how will she take it? She spent Christmas with the Forresters and believes that Thomas is into her. As things change, will she end up doing something she may regret?

Wyatt will make a decision

Flo (Katrina Bowden) is back and she is who Wyatt (Darin Brooks) wants. He attempted to break it off with Sally (Courtney Hope), but she wasn’t going to let him go easily.

There has been some speculation that she may fall ill and die on The Bold and the Beautiful in the coming weeks or months. She is reportedly ill and some of the scenes that have aired have hinted at the possibility.

Things might get complicated when Flo’s mom, Shauna (Denise Richards) will have to move back in with her. Eric (John McCook) is going to insist Quinn (Rena Sofer) ask her friend to move out.

The drama is boiling over between Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Shauna, causing the Forrester matriarch to insist her husband picks her and her friend over his former wife who is now his daughter-in-law.

Brooke is going to make sure both Shauna and Flo get what they deserve, but it won’t be an easy feat.

Katie (Heather Tom) has asked for forgiveness for her niece but it won’t be easy when she asks her big sister to do it. Brooke is not going to let Flo forget what she did to Hope, not even for her sister’s sake.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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