Is EJ DiMera returning to Days of our Lives? Here’s what we know

Will EJ be back in Salem soon on Days of our Lives?
The rumor mill is buzzing EJ will be back onscreen soon but with a new face. Pic credit: NBC

Is EJ Dimera returning to Days of our Lives? That’s the question fans of the hit NBC soap opera are asking after one cast member leaked the character is back.

James Scott originated the role of EJ DiMera in 2006. When the actor chose to leave the daytime drama in 2014, EJ was presumed dead.

In true Days fashion, EJ, briefly played by Trey Baxter, was discovered alive. However, before his identity was confirmed, an explosion left him badly burned.

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Sami (Alison Sweeney) ran a DNA test revealing the burn victim was indeed her love, EJ. She left Salem with him in the hopes of restoring EJ’s health.

Although Sami has made a few visits to Salem, EJ has remained in Italy.

Rumors crept up over the years that the NBC show was bringing back the character of EJ. New information has teased those rumors are true.

Is EJ returning to Days of our Lives?

A little birdie in the form of Thaao Penghlis (Tony) has confirmed EJ is coming back into the DiMera fold onscreen, but with a new face.

Thaao was on the podcast Mission: Impodible — A Mission: Impossible TV Podcast, where he dished playing Tony and Andre on the soap opera. During the chat, Thaao spilled some exciting news for fans.

“I go back to DAYS on the 8th, and that’s going to be interesting because I know they’re bringing a recast of EJ. So, I have a feeling I’m going to be doing work with the brother of old,” the actor dished.

Who will play EJ on Days?

There is good and bad news for fans in Thaao’s revelation. EJ will be back, but James will not.

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James has retired from acting. He has been adamant that he would not return to the play the role of EJ ever.

EJ will have a new face when he appears onscreen. The NBC show has kept quiet on bringing back the role of EJ and who will step in to play the character.

Fans are convinced The Young and the Restless alum Daniel Goddard (Cane) is taking on the role. In January, rumors made the rounds that Daniel was joining Days of our Lives thanks to

At the time, Daniel used Twitter to share the rumors he was cast on Days were just that — rumors. The tweet has since been deleted, adding fuel to the fire that Daniel is the new EJ.

More information regarding the EJ DiMera recast should be revealed soon. After all, Thaao is slated to work with the new actor next month, which means fans will likely see EJ back on screen in late June or early July.

What do you think of EJ being recast?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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Granda Hudson
Granda Hudson
2 years ago

I hope whoever will be the one,will be great as he was.And acks like he did,no more dying EJ.