General Hospital spoilers: Will Sonny have amnesia now that’s he’s been found?

Maurice Benard and Max Gail as Sonny and Mike.
Mike willed Sonny to live on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital viewers watched as someone discovered Sonny (Maurice Benard).

There have been talks about whether the coffee importer would even be alive after his fall from the bridge alongside Julian Jerome (William deVry).

When Julian’s body was pulled from the river, things got complicated. Sonny was nowhere to be found, despite several attempts by Jason (Steve Burton) to look for him.

Last week, Michael (Chad Duell) revealed that the New Jersey State Police were changing course and the search for Sonny was a search and recovery now.

Sonny and Mike

On the most recent episode of General Hospital, viewers watched as Mike (Max Gail) visited his son and urged him to have the will to live.

As the episode came to a close, Sonny was found by someone, and it looks like the stranger is going to help him.

Talks of Max Gail being on set again ran wild through social media before the holidays. It was clear that he would be playing a ghost as Mike died this past fall, but whether he was taking Sonny with him to the other side remained to be seen.

Now, it was clear that he was the driving force behind keeping his son going so that he could be discovered.

Where is Sonny?

While the Corinthos family and friends gathered at his home, Sonny is in a vehicle with whoever found him.

Complete with a bandana around his head where he had a gash, the alleged mobster looks out of sorts.

For quite some time, viewers have been talking about the possibility that Sonny would be dealing with amnesia. It isn’t too far fetched because of how long he had been missing and the condition in which he was found.

Freezing temps and snow are the least of his problems. It looks like finding Sonny is going to be difficult. This may even drag out through February sweeps.

As Carly (Laura Wright) faces the reality that her husband isn’t coming home, she will be preparing to make some decisions. It has been hard on her, and, hard on Jason.

Without Sonny, things change. The dynamic of the Corinthos family has been impacted, and whether they can return to normal remains to be seen.

For now, General Hospital viewers can be certain that Sonny is alive. What they can’t bank on is that Sonny will be Sonny after the trauma he endured.

Is this the beginning of a character rewrite? Be sure to tune in and find out!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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Gail S Sequin
Gail S Sequin
3 years ago

Just let Sonny walk in on his Memorial and say hes aluve and his old self. Please dont character rewrite. Theres so many other stories goung. Let Carly be happy for a change.