General Hospital spoilers: Jason and Brick search, TJ punches Brando, and Laura fills Curtis in

Genie Francis and Donnell Turner on General Hospital.
Laura fills Curtis in this week on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital spoilers for this week reveal a lot more is happening in Port Charles as the move to prop up February sweeps is underway.

With Sonny (Maurice Benard) presumed dead by the New Jersey State Police, his family has to come to grips with the reality. Fortunately, Friday’s episode revealed that the coffee importer made it out of the river — but as the snow fell on him, his well-being was unclear.

It is going to be another intense week on General Hospital as things start to heat up.

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TJ punches Brando

Now that Molly’s (Haley Pullos) tryst with Brando (Johnny Wactor) is out in the open, TJ (Tajh Bellow) runs into him at the hospital and punches him on the spot.

Remember, the guys were pretty close over the summer. In fact, it was on Molly’s nerves to see them together and she asked Brando if he could back off so that things didn’t get even more uncomfortable.

Will the guys be able to work through this, or does this mean that TJ blames Brando for Molly’s one-night stand?

Jason and Brick take a meeting

General Hospital spoilers revealed that Jason (Steve Burton) and Brick (Stephen A. Smith) would be taking a meeting this week.

It appears as though there may be a lead on Sonny’s whereabouts, which leads the men to a storage unit. The preview video shows the two men opening it up with flashlights in tow, but will they find anything?

Perhaps the storage unit is connected to Cyrus (Jeff Kober) in some way. Jason was put into a bad spot when Carly (Laura Wright) made the decision to kidnap his mother as leverage against him. Now, things can only escalate from here.


Laura tells Curtis the truth

During a conversation between Laura (Genie Francis) and Curtis (Donnell Turner), she tells him the truth about who Cyrus is to her.

The two have been working together to try and unravel the mystery surrounding why he came to Port Charles, and now, they know.

What happens next remains to be seen, though it is likely they have more information to get. Will Laura and Curtis continue working on the case together, or is their partnership over for now?

With February sweeps just a few weeks away, General Hospital is putting the big storylines in motion. There is plenty to look forward to this week as confrontations remain at the forefront of the popular ABC soap.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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