General Hospital spoilers: Relationships are tested

Britt makes a scene on General Hospital.
Britt decides to make an announcement at the Metro Court event. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital spoilers for this week tease that it’s all about love.

There are plenty of couples and would-be couples whose lives could change as the week plays out.

With a singles meet at the Metro Court and alcohol flowing, what could go wrong?

Ava and Nikolas

Things between Mr. and Mrs. Cassadine aren’t going so well. Ava (Maura West) and Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) can’t seem to get it right these days.

The complications of having Spencer (Nicholas Chavez) and Esme (Avery Pohl) around aren’t good for the couple. When Esme moved into Wyndemere, things got even more complicated.

In the General Hospital preview video, Nikolas needs to confess something to Ava. What will he have to say? Will it have anything to do with Esme possibly making her move on Spencer’s dad, as Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) instructed?

Metro Court meet up for singles

There are plenty of singles in Port Charles, including many who work at the hospital. Britt (Kelly Thiebaud), Terry (Cassandra James), Brad (Parry Shen), Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton), and Chase (Josh Swickard) are all in attendance.

General Hospital spoilers tease Britt makes a scene, and the preview video backed that up. After sipping on a cocktail, Britt announces she has something to say as Terry and Brad look on with horrified looks on their face. They both know how much Britt misses the connection she had with Jason (Steve Burton).

What will the doctor blurt out in front of everyone?

Other notable relationship moments

Brook Lynn and Chase have danced around their feelings for months. A ChaLynn fan base is waiting in the wings, hoping that they will finally move forward. From the small glimpse in the preview video, it looks like it might be taking a turn that way.

Vanna fans will finally get some Anna (Finola Hughes) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) scenes. They have been far and few in between over the last several weeks. The chemistry is still there, but will they be able to continue to see one another as their busy lives get in the way?

Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Nina (Cynthia Watros) are teetering between a friendship and a relationship. They haven’t been together, but it looks like that may be the way things are going. Spoilers tease that he will be looking for her after the verdict in the visitation comes in.

Phyllis (Joyce Guy) asks Sonny if he could do it all over again, would he make a different choice. What will his answer be?

Be sure to tune in this week so not a moment of the drama is missed.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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9 months ago

The show is really lacking ever since Steve left again! And with the Sonny and Nina thing, I’m about to stop watching the show. One redeeming characteristics of Maurice Benard character was his devotion and loyalty in protecting his family. Unfortunately the writers have forgotten that they made thus trait of his so deeply rooted and have chucked that out the window. He now seems to have taken on Nina’s, it is everyone else’s fault mental disorder. This makes for a weak and not believable mob boss. If this continues much further, I’ll have to quit the show. One other thing, with Spinelli and Brick, how have they not found the proof Esma framed Trina. The show gets less and less believable every episode. It is frustrating how lazy the writers have become.

Alice Scott
Alice Scott
9 months ago

I agree with this person because this show gone down so much the writers are not good at all.