General Hospital spoilers for next week: Carly confronts Esme, Anna and Felicia leave, and Jake’s apology

Laura Wright as Carly on General Hospital.
Carly has words for Esme on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital spoilers for next week’s episodes of the ABC soap promise confrontation is the name of the game.

There’s a lot to look forward to as next week inches closer, and a goodbye to a fan-favorite actress as well.

What can GH viewers expect out of Port Charles next week?

Carly confronts Esme

As Monday arrives in Port Charles, Carly (Laura Wright) lets Esme (Avery Pohl) have it. It’s obviously about Joss (Eden McCoy) and Camerons’ (William Lipton) sex tape.

Their private moment went viral, and despite Esme trying to deflect the blame and accuse Trina (Sydney Mikayla) of being behind the stunt, Joss and Cam know the truth. And now, Carly does too.

Please believe that Carly won’t go easy, especially since Esme messed with one of her kids.

Speaking of Trina, next week is the final airdate for Sydney Mikayla in the role. It has been recast, but it appears the character will be off-screen for a bit until the new actress debuts. General Hospital spoilers tease that Trina makes a decision, which likely will lead to her temporary exit.

Victor takedown in full force

General Hospital spoilers tease that the plan to take down Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) is in full swing. Laura (Genie Francis), Sam (Kelly Monaco), Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), Drew (Cameron Mathison), Anna (Finola Hughes), and Felicia (Kristina Wagner) are all onboard.

Anna and Felicia will head off to search Austria and look for clues about Victor’s connection to Luke’s (Anthony Geary) death. Laura was the one to suspect the connection, and it seems like there’s more to it now.

The plan to catch Victor trying to “activate” Drew is in motion, with help from Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms). Now, everyone must sit and wait.

Other Port Charles news

Now that General Hospital viewers know Esme is Ryan Chamberlin’s (Jon Lindstrom) daughter, there are many questions. Next week, Ryan will be eyeing Spencer (Nicholas Chavez) and Esme as she visits him at Spring Ridge.

In other news, Sam and Dante may be rethinking their relationship. Will recent events have them walking away from each other?

Liz (Rebecca Herbst) has been worried about the events surrounding Franco’s (Roger Howarth) stuff, and it looks like she may find out who was behind it all next week. When Jake (Hudson West) worries his mom won’t forgive him, does this mean he was the one behind all the weird happenings?

Be sure to tune in all week to make sure not a moment of the drama is missed.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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Marsha Timpson
Marsha Timpson
1 year ago

I have NEVER been so disappointed in a character’s change of personality. General Hospital has turned my favorite actor into a character I cannot stand!!!!! I am so sick of Sonny and that biddy Nina!!!! I am ready for them both to leave the soap. It just gets worse and worse!

1 year ago
Reply to  Marsha Timpson

I agree. I can’t stand Nina and she is not only a bad actress but she’s ugly. Sonny is no more a mob head than a mouse. He’s getting old and horrible.

1 year ago

Nina’s face work is a disaster.