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General Hospital: Is Chase leaving the show?

Josh Swickard as Chase on General Hospital.
Chase’s days appear to be numbered. Pic credit: ABC

As his condition continues to decline on General Hospital, Chase (Josh Swickard) has viewers wondering about his fate.

It looked like he would be saved when Finn (Michael Easton) found the “cure,” but that only made things worse. The reality is setting in, and Chase is making the most of his time while he still has it left.

So, is Chase leaving General Hospital?

What happened to Chase on General Hospital?

Earlier this year, Peter (Wes Ramsey) attempted to get back at Anna (Finola Hughes) by poisoning Finn. Unfortunately, that didn’t work the way he had in mind, and instead of Finn getting the poison, Chase ended up drinking the cup it was in.

Since then, he has been experiencing a variety of symptoms. At first, Peter held the antidote over Anna’s head and gave her a dose of it to help Chase. When it worked, everyone believed that recovery was possible.

When things got too bad for Peter, and he began losing control, he was confronted by Finn on the roof. He tossed the vial over the hospital roof while telling the doctor that Anna is to blame, which led to the confrontation that allegedly left Peter dead.

Chase has been in General Hospital for weeks, and now, it looks like the end may be near. And because of what is happening to him, Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) and Michael (Chad Duell) have decided to pause their relationship while she tends to Chase. The ante was upped when he proposed to her, and she accepted.

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Is Josh Swickard leaving General Hospital?

Currently, there has been no word about whether Josh Swickard is leaving the ABC soap, though it does appear that way.

He became a first-time father recently and had some success with the Netflix movie he and his wife, Lauren Swickard, made together. Those things together have viewers questioning whether he will leave the daytime life behind.

Typically, the actor and the network don’t talk about exits ahead of when they happen. ABC has frequently revealed they don’t comment on actors’ contracts or status, and sometimes even the actor doesn’t make a big to-do about things. Emme Rylan’s out as Lulu Spencer defied that, but generally, that doesn’t happen.

Everything remains to be seen, but the way things are going, it wouldn’t be shocking if Chase lost his battle with the disease and ended up as another one of Peter’s casualties.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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  1. I see him making a complete recovery but not until AFTER he marries Willow where she will be trapped in that marriage and won’t be able to continue her relationship with Michael. Poor Michael cam this guy ever have a relationship that works out, come on guys let him and Willow have their family.

  2. I really hope that Willow does not go through with their wedding and just tells Chase the truth and gets back to her life with Michael


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