Is Peter August leaving General Hospital?

Wes Ramsey as Peter on General Hospital.
Peter’s time on General Hospital may be running out. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital viewers were introduced to Peter August (Wes Ramsey) in 2017. Since then, viewers have been complaining about his spot on the canvas.

Recent events have fans wondering if Peter is leaving General Hospital. After all, the previews have hinted that he may have pushed to his end when he fell down the stairs at the hospital.

With the walls closing in and the list of people who hate Peter longer than ever, it may be time to finally rid Port Charles of his evilness.

Why do fans think Peter August is leaving General Hospital?

The biggest red flag is Peter’s fall. This week, the General Hospital preview video showed Peter attempting to get away on a helicopter, and after today’s episode, it all makes sense.

Of course, that isn’t how he will go out if he is leaving. Remember that flash forward to Peter in the hospital stairwell? Well, that’s going to be an important part of the storyline. Who pushed him has been on everyone’s mind. There are so many potential suspects, including Liz (Rebecca Herbst), Anna (Finola Hughes), and pretty much everyone else in Port Charles.

It is unlikely that they are the ones who pushed him, though. With the confrontation that is about to happen between him and Finn (Michael Easton), he may be the one to end Peter’s existence. With Chase’s (Josh Swickard) life depending on him, how far is the doctor willing to go?

Some speculation going around leans toward him falling on his own.

Is there any proof Wes Ramsey is done at General Hospital?

Currently, Wes Ramsey has not spoken out about whether he is leaving General Hospital or sticking around.

Typically, the actors don’t give advance notice about their roles, and ABC doesn’t comment on contract negotiations. However, contracts are generally signed for three or four years. With his debut in 2017, he should have already either already resigned something, or he knows he is out the door.

With the evil and calculated nature behind Peter/Henrik, it is likely he hasn’t done is last awful deed yet. Being detained by the police is not high on his priority list.

What happens to Chase will directly correlate with what happens to Peter in the meantime. Will there be two deaths on General Hospital?

As viewers wait to find out Peter August’s fate on General Hospital, they can tune in daily to see how everything plays out.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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