Days of our Lives: Brandon Beemer reveals his return date as Shawn-Douglas Brady

Brandon Beemer is returning to Days of our Lives.
Shawn-Douglas Brady is headed back to Salem for a visit. Pic credit: NBC

Last summer, Brandon Beemer teased his return to Days of our Lives as Shawn-Douglas Brady. Now the talented actor has used social media to let his fans know when he will appear on the NBC daytime drama, and it is coming up soon.

One fan asked Brandon when he would be back on Days. The actor replied that fans could catch him onscreen in February, and it sounds like Shawn-Douglas might be in Salem for a few days. Brandon did not share any details on his return to the soap opera.

Hope’s (Kristian Alfonso) strange behavior has finally caught the eye of some people in Salem, most notably Rafe (Galen Gering). Viewers know Princess Gina has taken over Hope’s body, but everyone else in Salem is still convinced she is Hope.

Perhaps Shawn-Douglas’ return has something to do with Hope acting so out of character. It has been over a year since Princess Gina took her place, how has no one realized she is not Hope?

Even Hope’s daughter Ciara (Victoria Konefal) hasn’t noticed there is something off with her mother. In Ciara’s defense, though, she has been preoccupied with her boyfriend Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) being sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit.

Maybe Shawn-Douglas’ return to help his sister deal with what is going to happen to Ben. He could also be back to check in on his grandpa Victor (John Aniston), who just had a stroke.

Whatever the reason for Shawn-Douglas’ homecoming, it will be great for Days fans to see him again.

Yes, fans have been catching up with Shawn Douglas, Belle (Martha Madison), and the rest of their high school crew on the digital series, Last Blast Reunion. It is not the same, though, as seeing him interact with the rest of his family.

Viewers last saw Shawn-Douglas when he and Belle were dealing with their daughter Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan), who went crazy, starting various fires, and trying to kill people. The disheartened parents were last spotted at Bayview mental health facility, helping Claire seek the treatment she so desperately needed.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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