Wild Buffalo Saloon On Siesta Key: Alex and Juliette reunite

Alex and Juliette hug on Siesta Key
Alex and Juliette exchange emotional hugs. Pic credit: MTV

On last night’s episode of Siesta Key, Juliette finally dumped Robby Hayes. However, later in the episode, she falls into Alex’s arms as his new girl watches. Other secrets are also revealed at the White Buffalo Saloon.

This season, Alex’s father bought the White Buffalo Saloon. Alex and Chloe have been tasked with refreshing the bar. They hope to introduce the nostalgic saloon to a new crowd.

Juliette confesses her reasons for dumping Robby

After Juliette dumps Robby, she confesses more to Amanda at the White Buffalo Saloon. She said that Robby smothered her. She also admits he was a rebound after her relationship with Alex.

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Juliette admits that one day she just realized she didn’t like Robby anymore.

Juliette also realizes the trip to Greece was not what she hoped for. It seems seeing Alex again also contributed to her decision to end things with Robby.

Robby tries to make up with Amanda, hoping to win Juliette back. He previously stole Amanda’s phone and tossed it in the ocean. But when he meets up with Amanda at a coffee shop and tries to apologize, it does not go well.

Alex admits that Juliette really hurt him by dating his ex-friend Robby

Later the group meets up at the White Buffalo Saloon. Alex admits to Juliette that her dating Robby really hurt him. He says, “Losing you, you going to one of my friends, it sucked. It sucked really (expletive) bad.”

While Alex apologizes, Juliette says that she will always love Alex. “I want you to be happy. Even if it’s not with me. I love you. I will always love you,” she says.

Alex and Juliette then exchange a tearful hug. Alex’s new girlfriend Alyssa watches, looking concerned. More drama ensues at the White Buffalo Saloon.

Brandon looks for new fling Amanda, but she is already making out with ex-boyfriend JJ. Brandon isn’t the only guy to lose a new love interest that night.

Additionally, that night, Kelsey realizes she likes Jake, not Jared. Jared is very disappointed. Things do turn around for Garrett, though, when he meets Juliette’s friend and co-worker Kelly.

The two seem to hit it off and are shown taking shots and dancing together. The White Buffalo Saloon appears to be the new hot hang out for the group. What other drama will go down there?

Siesta Key airs every Tuesday at 8/7c on MTV.

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