Siesta Key: Juliette Porter’s new boyfriend — Who is Sam Logan?

It looks like Juliette Porter from Siesta Key may have moved on with a new boyfriend. Juliette posted a photo on her Instagram account on February 12 where she is kissing a new man (Sam Logan) at Magic Kingdom. There was no caption, just a couple of emojis. Sam also posted the same photo to


Siesta Key: Season 3, Episode 7: Single Jules is the Best Jules?

Does anyone else think Juliette on Siesta Key has completely lost her mind? What exactly does she think is going to happen with Alex? Does she think they’re going to get back together and live happily ever after? She’s delusional. Kelsey tells Juliette that she’s going to the Rebella “white” party and pretty much convinces


Wild Buffalo Saloon On Siesta Key: Alex and Juliette reunite

On last night’s episode of Siesta Key, Juliette finally dumped Robby Hayes. However, later in the episode, she falls into Alex’s arms as his new girl watches. Other secrets are also revealed at the White Buffalo Saloon. This season, Alex’s father bought the White Buffalo Saloon. Alex and Chloe have been tasked with refreshing the