Alex Kompothecras fired from Siesta Key over allegedly racist comments on social media

Alex Compos posing
Alex Kompo has been canned from MTV Reality TV show Siesta Key following racist comments made on social media. Pic credit: @alex_kompo/ Instagram

Siesta Key star Alex Kompothecras, who is better known as Alex Kompo, has been fired from the MTV reality TV show after he allegedly made racist comments and posted white supremacist images on social media.

The news was announced on the same night the show made its season premiere.

An MTV spokesperson allegedly told TMZ that Alex would be leaving Siesta Key immediately following the emergence of his racist online posts.

Viewers quickly noticed that Alex’s airtime had been drastically cut on last night’s season premiere. The 25-year-old Kompothecras and his girlfriend Alyssa Salerno were prominently featured on the show, and recent promos had suggested that there would be a strong focus on the couple this season.

Siesta Key announced their decision on Twitter with a simple message that stated that they were cutting ties with Alex and are editing out his appearances on the show.

The tweet stated: “We’ve made the decision to cut ties with Alex and are editing the current season to minimize his presence. He will not be in future seasons of Siesta Key.”

Siesta Key tweet on Alex
Pic credit: @SiestaKey/ Twitter

Many were supportive of Siesta Key’s decision to fire Alex Kompo

Their tweet received over a thousand retweets and over four thousand likes.

Not only was Alex edited out of last night’s show, but his bio has also been taken off the website. The premiere also ran an hour shorter than originally planned.

One fan on Twitter thanked the show for “not giving a racist individual a pass in order to placate the viewers.”

Tweet in favor of Siesta Key decision
Pic credit: @IamDrClarice/ Twitter

Another said they were “glad MTV isn’t going to continue supporting someone who made remarks like he did.”

Pro Siesta Key decision tweet
Pic credit: @MaryBusby/ Twitter

Some fans supported Alex Kompo

However, many other fans of Alex took to Twitter to complain about the decision as they viewed him as the main source of drama on the show that follows the love lives of a group of beautiful young people on the Florida coast.

One Twitter user wrote: “Yea, no one will be watching anymore. There is no show without the drama of Alex. Good luck to you. Your ratings will drop significantly.”

Another Twitter user asked if they could at least finish Alex’s storyline as they were so invested.

Tweet about Alex Kompos firing
Pic credit: @emzhigh/ Twitter

Alex and his girlfriend Alyssa Salerno recently had a baby, and many expected this season to focus a lot on how the pair coped with raising a child together.

Viewers had also been expecting to see tensions between the couple and Alex’s ex-girlfriend Juliette Porter, along with her new man Sam Logan.

Siesta Key airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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