Siesta Key: Juliette Porter’s new boyfriend — Who is Sam Logan?

Siesta Key: Juliette Porter and Sam Logan
Siesta Key’s Juliette Porter and Sam Logan Kissing at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  Pic credit: @sam_jlo/Instagram

It looks like Juliette Porter from Siesta Key may have moved on with a new boyfriend.

Juliette posted a photo on her Instagram account on February 12 where she is kissing a new man (Sam Logan) at Magic Kingdom.

There was no caption, just a couple of emojis. Sam also posted the same photo to his Instagram account, with the caption “Once upon a time…”

Juliette first appeared in Sam’s Instagram feed in mid-December, but the two never really looked like a couple (or show any type of PDA) until the Disney photo.

Who is Sam Logan?

There’s not a whole lot to be found online about this guy, but here are a few things we can tell from his Instagram account: (@sam_jlo)

  • He graduated from UCF (University of Central Florida)
  • He travels a LOT. Mostly, back and forth from Florida to Colorado, but also places like NYC, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.
  • He likes to ski and has been skiing since he was young. He posted a “throwback” photo of himself skiing when he was about 10 or 12 years old.
  • He seems to love cars. He is constantly posting photos of himself and his friends with luxurious and expensive cars.
  • He likes to party on boats/yachts. Most of his photos (that aren’t of cars or his dogs) are pictures of him and his friends partying. Much of the time on the water.
  • He has a couple of adorable dogs named Tofu and Chickpea. He posts pictures of his dogs often.
  • He is friends with (or has at least partied with) Alex Kompothecras.

So… what exactly do we really know about this guy?

Not much.

He obviously has money, because someone without money wouldn’t be able to live such a lavish lifestyle.

But, where does his money come from? Who knows? Maybe his parents are wealthy. Maybe he’s a trust-fund baby. Maybe he has invested well in the stock market.

All we really know for sure is that he loves to travel and party with friends. It sounds like he should fit right in with the Siesta Key crew.

And then there’s the fact that he somehow knows Alex. That can’t possibly be good for Juliette. Or – could that be why she’s dating Sam? To piss Alex off again.

It’s funny because Juliette is kind of a train wreck whether she’s with Alex or not.

When they’re together, all he does is cause her grief and pain so she’s an emotional mess, and when they’re not together, everything she does or doesn’t do causes some kind of drama in her life and always ends up circling back to Alex anyway.

I thought “single Jules was the best Jules?” Stop the insanity, girl. If you keep making the same choices, you will keep getting the same results.

Hopefully, in days to come, we will learn more about Sam Logan, and maybe, just maybe, things will work out for Juliette.

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