Siesta Key: Season 3, Episode 7: Single Jules is the Best Jules?

Siesta Key: Kuliette, Alex and Alyssa
Juliette confronts Alex at Jared’s birthday party. Pic credit: MTV

Does anyone else think Juliette on Siesta Key has completely lost her mind?

What exactly does she think is going to happen with Alex? Does she think they’re going to get back together and live happily ever after?

She’s delusional.

Kelsey tells Juliette that she’s going to the Rebella “white” party and pretty much convinces Juliette that it would be a good idea to tag along so she can “get over the awkwardness” of being in the same places as Robby.

I really didn’t think Juliette would go, but she did — big mistake.

Rebella and Robby

Surprisingly, everything is drama-free — at first. Juliette says a quick hello to Robby and then proceeds to hang out with the girls, having fun drinking, taking selfies, etc. All is well at the Rebella party.

Until, Alex decides to text Robby a screenshot of some text messages Juliette sent to him, where said she was “never over him” and was “happiest with him.”

Why, why why would he do that? Just days before, he was telling Juliette that he still loved her. What an as*hole.

Robby’s reaction to this was quite interesting. He looked genuinely shocked and upset when he saw the texts. I wasn’t expecting that.

I thought maybe he would laugh it off and move on, but that wasn’t the case. He seemed truly bothered by them and questioned Juliette about it.

She was honest and owned up to everything. She admitted she was still in love with Alex but also defended her position by letting him know that he only had half the story.

He didn’t see the texts Alex sent her, or hear what Alex was saying to her on the phone. At one point, she gets frustrated and ends up calling Alex a “narcissistic, egotistical motherfu*ker.”

She’s such a hot mess. In one breath, she’s saying she’s still in love with Alex, and in the next, she’s calling him a motherfu*ker. She is completely looney-tunes. Maybe she’s off her meds – or needs to be on some?

During their conversation, Robby was questioning if Juliette ever truly cared about him, and he asked her, “what were some of your favorite moments with me.?”

She struggled to answer.

After a long pause, she said, “there were so many moments,” and then said, “Greece. Greece was great.” You could tell Robby knew at that moment that she didn’t have the same kind of feelings for him that he’s claiming he had for her.

He then told her that some of his “favorite times” with her were when they would “stay up late, talking for hours and watching Friends together.”

He said he knew in those moments that this “was a girl I could spend a lot of time with.” In his awkward way, it meant he was falling in love with her – for real. It was kind of heartbreaking to watch.

They talked a little longer, and the conversation ended amicably with Robby saying he “wished her happiness,” and that was pretty much it.

I’ve been a bit confused by this guy.

I was almost 100% convinced that Robby was using Juliette because she was a social media “influencer” and that dating her was helping him get exposure for his various sponsorship opportunities and business ventures. Now I’m not so sure.

Is Robby sincere? Who knows? He could be just playing the good guy – for the cameras. The jury is still out on him.

Next, we find out that Alex decided to throw a birthday pool party at his parents’ mansion for Jared. His talks with his new “girlfriend” Alyssa about whether he should invite Juliette or not.

At first, he seems hesitant but decides it might cause more problems if he didn’t invite her, and ultimately decides she will be invited.

Jared’s Birthday Party

Juliette arrives at the party, and, of course, it’s super awkward. She tries to stay away from Alex and hangs out with the girls.

However, Alex intentionally kisses all over Alyssa right in front of her.

She is fuming because all she can think about is the six hours they spent talking on the phone just a few nights earlier, where he told her he was still in love with her, too – and texted her a love song.

She couldn’t take it anymore and decided she needed to confront him about it and let Alyssa know what’s been going on. She calls him out in front of Alyssa about the phone calls, texts, and the things he’s said to her.

Alex flat-out denies everything and claims Juliette is twisting things and taking everything out of context.

Alyssa makes a few comments saying she knows all about the calls and texts. She makes some jokes at Juliette’s expense. Alex chimes in and they both start laughing right in Juliette’s face.

It was hard to watch – and you could see Juliette’s blood boiling.

That was it. Next thing you know, Juliette pushes Alex in the pool and a shoving match ensues. Alyssa’s bathing suit top got torn when Juliette was shoving her.

Alex gets out of the pool, and while consoling Alyssa, he says (more than once), “I hate her.”

Alyssa tells Juliette to leave. Chloe gets involved, and everyone is telling her to leave the party.

Poor Juliette. I feel bad for her.

Yes, sometimes she has a hard time managing her feelings/anger and acts a fool, but in this case, she wasn’t trying to cause any trouble.

It was Alex who stirred up this pot. He wanted Juliette to meltdown, and he got what he wanted.

I think single Jules IS the best Jules, and I hope she finally wakes up and realizes that Alex is no good for her. All he does is cause her heartache and pain.

Enough is enough. Be strong, girl! You deserve better.

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