Why isn’t Mountain Monsters on tonight? When does the series return to Discovery?

Mountain Monsters out hunting Bigfoot
Mountain Monsters out hunting Bigfoot. Pic credit: Discovery

Fans who logged on to Discovery+ to see the latest episode of Mountain Monsters today may have left disappointed.

For anyone who is wondering if it will be on tonight at all on Travel Channel, there is no new episode that will air on Sunday night.

Here is why Mountain Monsters is not on tonight and when you can expect to see the new season continue.

Why isn’t Mountain Monsters on tonight?

Mountain Monsters was never scheduled to air today.

The show is taking a break in the middle of the new season because of the Super Bowl airing today.

Since Mountain Monsters airs on Travel Channel at 10/9c and the Super Bowl will still be airing at that time, most shows skip Super Bowl Sunday since views would be down due to the immense popularity of the biggest sports event of the year.

The Super Bowl is estimated to have over 117 million viewers this year, and that is a monstrous number that would cripple any show trying to compete.

However, the good news is that a new episode is just one week away.

Other reality TV shows not airing tonight due to the Super Bowl are hit favorites like 90 Days Fiance: Before the 90 Days and Sister Wives.

When will Mountain Monsters be back on Discovery?

Mountain Monsters will be back on Discovery+, as well as on the Travel Channel, next Sunday, February 20.

On last week’s episode of Mountain Monsters, the team got a lead on a massive Bigfoot nest in the Tygart Valley and went out looking with a superfan named Cowboy Ken. This all led to an amazing find for the team.

However, fans will now have to wait an extra week to see what is next for the AIMS team.

On the next episode, airing on February 20, the team end up in a turf war between some amazing creatures, as the Grafton Monster, Bigfoot, and a pack of Smoke Wolves battle it out for the rights to the territory.

Also, there are some fun moments with the team as Wild Bill wants to lose his belly fat and Buck helps him start a Squatch jerky diet.

This will be the seventh episode in what will end up being a 10-episode season that will wrap up on March 13.

Check out the video below for a preview of what all is to come this season on Mountain Monsters.

Mountain Monsters airs on Sunday nights at 10/9c on Travel Channel and is also available to stream on Discovery+.

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1 year ago

Do you think as a knowledgeable writer that Mountain Monsters will ever go back & explain the Rouge Team story? How about the other stories not explained? It would be nice to get some closure on the group who was following them & reveal who the man is in the barn with the creepy mask. Thanks for your reply.

1 year ago

I agree with Hannah. Complete the other stories please.

1 year ago

These guys never find anything, they shout to loud in there woods, it would scare anything off, clearly the actors need a doctor and the director needs to go back and revaluate his position because there s not more hope tbh..Unless they team up with the ‘Not’ Finding BigFoot team.

1 year ago

I agree with both Hannah and Monty. I have been a follower of the show since the beginning, and look forward to it every week, however, I have noticed this year there are many more crude jokes and lots of swearing. It is so noticeable that I don’t enjoy the show nearly as much…what’s up?