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Who wins Survivor: Winners at War? Season 40 gets dramatic

S40 Ep9
Jeremy Collins, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, Denise Stapley, Nick Wilson, and Sarah Lacina on Survivor: Winners at War, Episode 9. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The person who wins Survivor: Winners at War still has a rough road ahead. Season 40 has aired eight episodes so far, and 11 people are still in the running for the $2 million prize.

In the last episode, Wendell Holland was blindsided at Tribal Council, where he was sent to the Edge of Extinction to wait for a shot to get back into the game.

The episode also included Tyson Apostol winning a competition to re-enter the game from EOE. He became the first person from Season 40 to get back, and it took place right after the merge.

The Season 40 cast member who wins Survivor: Winners at War could be one of the 11 people left in the merged tribe or someone that returns from Extinction Island ahead of the finale.

Below is a breakdown of where each Season 40 cast member currently resides. That includes the 11 people in the merged tribe, the eight people at EOE, and the one who left the show (Sandra Diaz-Twine).

Survivor: Winners at War cast members still in the game

The following list of players are still in the game:

Tyson Apostol
Ben Driebergen
Sophie Clarke
Michele Fitzgerald
Jeremy Collins
Sarah Lacina
Adam Klein
Kim Spradlin
Tony Vlachoa
Nick Wilson
Denise Stapley

Edge of Extinction residents

The following eight players have been eliminated from the game, but they are each hoping to battle their way back to the main tribe before the season finale:

Yul Kwon
Rob Mariano
Parvati Shallow
Ethan Zohn
Wendell Holland
Amber Mariano
Natalie Anderson
Danni Boatwright

Season 40, Episode 9 of Survivor: Winners at War is called “War is Not Pretty,” and the early images for the April 8 installment make it look like a very busy night.

The images from CBS show off what looks to be a Reward Challenge, an intense Individual Immunity Challenge, and a lot of scenes involving the people on Extinction Island.

It’s unclear if the new Reward Challenge is going to be shown during the episode. A Pizza Challenge from earlier in the season got cut from an episode, so it’s not always easy to tell what producers are going to show CBS viewers.

As for who wins Survivor: Winners at War, that’s a loaded question, because there is still so much of the show left this season. We won’t find out the person who is taking home the $2 million prize until the season finale, which is still weeks from taking place on CBS.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.