Who was nominated on Big Brother and who is playing for Power of Veto?

Christian BB23 POV
Christian Birkenberger won the Power of Veto in Week 3 and he would like to do it for the second time in Week 4. Pic credit: CBS

One houseguest who was nominated on Big Brother this week has a lot to worry about if they don’t find a way to win the Power of Veto over the weekend.

Christian Birkenberger is the new Head of Household and he was tasked with putting two people on the block. After a lot of discussions with his team, Christian put Whitney Williams and Hannah Chaddha on the block.

Even though Britini D’Angelo has survived getting nominated so far in Week 4, she isn’t out of the woods yet. If Whitney or Hannah win the Veto Competition on Saturday, July 31, then it’s highly likely that Britini will be used as a replacement nominee.

Heading into the Veto Competition, Whitney has been placed in a must-win situation and she is going to need to prove that she can win one of the challenges in the Big Brother house this summer.

Who is playing for the Power of Veto on Big Brother this week?

Christian (HOH), Whitney (nominee), and Hannah (nominee) are getting joined by three additional houseguests for the July 31 Veto Competition. Azah Awasum, Claire Rehfuss, and Derek Xiao were selected as the three other players.

This is where things could get really interesting. If Whitney can win the Power of Veto, it might be the end of the road for Britini. Hannah has a lot of support in the house that isn’t on Christian’s team, so she might just survive the block if people from her alliances have a different choice up there.

More from the Big Brother 2021 cast

In a new exit interview, Brent Champagne was surprised to learn that Alyssa Lopez is with Christian in the house. A video of Brent’s interview can be watched here, where the interviewer surprises him with the news that fans already thought he was aware of in the Big Brother house.

One of the topics that a lot of fans have been debating about is The Cookout alliance in the house this summer. Recently, BB19 houseguest Cody Nickson shared his thoughts when a fan asked him about it.

The mom of Britini D’Angelo also explained why her daughter reacts to things the way that she does. It was a good bit of insight about the member of the Big Brother 23 cast and great information for viewers.

Schedule for Big Brother 23 houseguests

There are some specific dates set out for how the rest of Week 4 is going to work for the Big Brother 23 houseguests. The six contestants play for the Power of Veto on Saturday, July 31. Then, on Monday, August 2, the POV winner will host the Veto Ceremony. That’s when the final nominees for the week will be set in stone.

On Thursday, August 5, another member of the BB23 cast is going to be evicted. Someone new will be joining Travis Long, Brandon French, and Brent Champagne on the outside of the house.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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