Who is on Survivor: Winners at War cast? Season 40 comes to CBS

Survivor 40 Cast
The Survivor 40 cast is excited to get things started. Pic credit: Timothy Kuratek/CBS

The Survivor: Winners at War cast is ready to take over Wednesday nights on CBS.

There are 20 former winners of the show returning for Season 40, with the season premiere airing on Wednesday, February 12.

The first episode is going to be a two-hour event, with CBS rolling out two primetime slots to get the show off on the right foot. It should be a lot of fun, especially since everyone from Season 40 has already won at least one season.

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Some of the Season 40 cast members haven’t been on the show for a while, though, so below we are breaking down who is on the season and what season(s) they ended up winning.

Who is on Survivor: Winners at War cast?

Below is the full list of the 20 Winners at War cast members and which season that they won:

Natalie Anderson: San Juan Del Sur
Tyson Apostol: Blood vs. Water
Danni Boatwright: Guatemala
Sophie Clarke: South Pacific
Jeremy Collins: Cambodia
Sandra Diaz-Twine: Peral Islands AND Heroes vs. Villains
Ben Driebergen: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
Michele Fitzgerald: Kaoh Rong
Wendell Holland: Ghost Island
Adam Klein: Millenials vs. Gen X
Yul Kwon: Cook Islands
Sarah Lacina: Game Changers
Amber Mariano: All-Stars
Rob Mariano: Redemption Island
Parvati Shallow: Micronesia
Kim Spradlin-Wolfe: One World
Denise Stapley: Philippines
Tony Vlachos: Cagayan
Nick Wilson: David vs. Goliath
Ethan Zohn: Africa

New Survivor rules and twists

One of the interesting new Survivor twists for Winners at War is that the contestants will have Fire Tokens to work with. This is going to be used as a form of currency, and it could definitely shake up how things work on the islands.

The Winners at War stipends are also pretty nice, but so is the grand prize that everyone has their eyes on. The Season 40 winner is going to take home a cool $2 million prize that is the biggest in show history.

Having a season of all former winners should be a treat, but it’s also good that the writers have mixed in a few additional twists to spice up the first few episodes. Those Fire Tokens also might shift how advantages work later in the season.

Viewers will have to tune in to see how it all plays out on the show.

Starting Wednesday night, Survivor takes back its Wednesday night time slot, and that’s a great thing for the network. It’s one of those seasons where you don’t want to miss a single episode, so make sure to tune in at 8/7c on February 12 to see how it all gets started.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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