Who is new second stew on Below Deck Med? Fans have thoughts on familiar face replacing Lara

A familiar face is taking Lara's place on Below Deck Med.
Captain Sandy stunned Hannah Ferrier with new second stew annulment in Below Deck Med preview. Pic credit: Bravo

Who is the new second stew on Below Deck Med? That is the question on fans’ minds after Lara Flumiani quit.

A preview video for next week’s episode showed that Captain Sandy Yawn informs The Wellington crew that she has found a new second stew. She tells Hannah Ferrier it is someone the chief stew has worked with before.

The look on Hannah’s face makes it clear that she is not thrilled with the new addition. Plus, one of the guys can be heard in the background, saying, “Hannah, you do not look happy.”

Fans are sharing their thoughts on social media regarding the familiar face replacing Lara on the hit Bravo show.

Cross these names off the list of possibilities

The list of possibilities is not too large. Hannah has been on the show since day one, which means eight people could be on the list of replacements.

First, it is safe to say that Season 4 stews Anastasia Surmava and Aesha Scott are not in the running. There was little to no drama between Hannah, Aesha, and Anastasia. Hannah would have had a different reaction to Captain Sandy’s news if it was either one of those women.

Third stew Tiffany Copeland, from Season 1, is also out of the running. She didn’t have an issue with Hannah. Plus, Tiffany responded to a Twitter thread saying, “Yeah, it is me.”

The response is a dead giveaway; it is not her. Bravo would have never allowed such a comment to be made before the big reveal.

Season 1 second stew Julia d’Albert Pusey would be a nice blast from the past but probably not the new addition. Hannah didn’t have any real issues with Julia that would warrant the angry look on Hannah’s face in the preview.

June Foster from Season 4 is also likely a no go. She worked well with the crew, and the only reason Captain Sandy fired June was that Anastasia was moving back to third stew after subbing as a chef.

This is who fans think is replacing Lara

Twitter is convinced Christine “Bugsy” Drake from Season 2 is the familiar face hitting The Wellington next week.

Twitter thinks there is only one person who can be replacing Lara on Below Deck Med.
Pic credit: @HannahFerrier/Twitter

Brooke Laughton and Kasey Cohen from Season 3 are certainly in the running. They had the usual grievances with Hannah, which made for good television. Their relationship with Hannah wasn’t too rough, putting them at the bottom of the list.

Lauren Cohen was on Season 2 with Bugsy, but there was no conflict to warrant Hannah being pissed she was returning.

Fans think it is Bugsy because Chef Adam Glick continuously shared his preference for working with Bugsy over Hannah during Season 2.

Plus, by the end of the season, Bugsy soured after feeling Hannah was slacking on the job. Bugsy wasn’t afraid to speak her mind either, causing conflict with the chief stew.

Fans think Bugys is returning to Below Deck Med.
Pic credit: @DatelessRealityTVJunkie/Twitter

Whoever the new second stew is on Below Deck Mediterranean, it will be someone who clashes with Hannah Ferrier. The show does need someone who will bring a little drama.

After all, it would be a long, dull season if deckhands were the only villains. Plus, it would be too similar to Below Deck Season 7.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Jeanine Eno
Jeanine Eno
2 years ago

I think Christine Bugsey Drake would make Hannah be on her A game. Remember we fould out Hannah is pregnant on WWHL so chances are whoever it is could be our next chief stew for a while!!!