Lara Flumiani opens up about Below Deck Mediterranean departure

Below Deck Med star Lara Flumiani explains why she left the show.
Lara is telling her side of the story regarding leaving Below Deck Med and her relationship with Hannah. Pic credit: Bravo

Lara Flumiani is opening up about her Below Deck Mediterranean departure. It was a shocking move that left fans speechless, and The Wellington crew short-handed hours before a new charter.

While the fact that Lara quit is surprising, it is not a shock that she is gone. The second stew had drama with Hannah Ferrier from day one. They simply didn’t mesh, making for an uncomfortable working environment for all crew members.

Fans were convinced Hannah would fire Lara in the big meeting with Captain Sandy. However, Lara’s departure didn’t go down that way.

The next day Lara chose to quit dramatically. She resigned to Captain Sandy off the yacht and wouldn’t come on board to get her things.

Now Lara is sharing her side of the story about leaving and working with Hannah.

Hannah’s superior attitude

In an interview with The Daily Dish, Lara admitted Hannah had a superior attitude, which was a problem. She spilled from their first meeting, Lara got a negative vibe from the chief stew.

“For me, as soon as I came on board, I could get this vibe from her right away,” Lara shared. “It’s not even about waiting for someone to say something bad to you; you know right away where you stand with someone by the vibe they give off.”

The second stew also didn’t appreciate the tone Hannah used when speaking to her. Yes, Hannah is her boss, but Lara feels Hannah doesn’t speak to her subordinates as if they are human beings.

Hannah merely spats orders in a condescending manner, according to Lara. Two people, regardless of rank, need to have respect, and that was lacking for Lara on Below Deck Med.

What led Lara to ultimately leave the Bravo show?

Lara said during the episode that the reason she chose to leave was that her happiness was more important than money.

She was miserable working on The Wellington because it was not a friendly environment. The second stew shared she did not feel welcome on the yacht and was often excluded from crew activities.

Lara did express there were a couple of crew members, like Pete Hunziker, who she really liked and made her feel welcome.

However, most of the time, it was a toxic environment, and that is why Lara left.

“I was very, very unhappy. I’m a very sensitive person, so I feel things really strongly, and I just would feel the vibe was really bad for me with the crew,” she spilled. “So, I didn’t feel right anymore to stay.”

Lara Flumiani stands by her decision to exit Below Deck Mediterranean. She does have one regret, though. Lara wishes she would have stayed through the second charter instead of leaving the crew short-handed. She admits that it was not a cool move.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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