Who is Cindy Tran? Bling Empire Episode 6 pays tribute to Cherie Chan’s mom

Cherie Chan and longtime boyfriend Jessey Lee from Bling Empire
Cherie Chan and longtime boyfriend Jessey Lee from Bling Empire. Pic credit: Netflix

Bling Empire’s sixth episode was dedicated to star Cherie Chan’s mother, Cindy Tran, who had recently died when filming for the show began.

This episode, titled The Other Side, depicted Cherie grieving her mom’s passing with the support of both her close friends and an emotional reading with celebrity psychic, Tyler Henry.

So far this first season, audiences have seen Cherie coming to terms with her mother’s passing while also being pregnant with her second child. After giving birth to baby Jevon, Chan described feeling especially connected to her mom at this time in her life.

During their reading, Henry said, “I hope you know that your mom will continue to be a part of, not only your life, but your children’s’ lives.”

Cherie Suspects Cindy Tran Reincarnated Into Her Grandson

Later in the episode, Cherie caught her daughter, Jadore, babbling above her newborn brother.

“Po po is Jevon!” Jadore said.

“Po po” is the Cantonese word for “grandma,” so Cherie interpreted this as meaning her mother had reincarnated into her son. After all, she figured it made sense since her mother died right before Jevon was born.

Cherie holding her son, Jevon. Pic credit: @cherieofficial / Instagram

Could Reincarnation Be Possible?

“Tyler told me to keep my eyes open and look for signs of my mom,” said Chan. “I’m thinking it’s a sign that [Jevon] could be my mom.”

Kane Lim, Cherie’s friend, and Bling Empire costar, is a practicing Buddhist and he backed her up.

“In Buddhism, it’s always someone who is related to you who comes back as your kid. I totally believe in reincarnation,” Lim explained.

Cherie revealed to Henry that she was not able to be with her mom when she died, and that continues to cause her pain because she could not get closure.

Chan confided: “When she was at the hospital, I told my mom if she wants to she can come back as Jevon and that I’ll take care of her and she can grow up with Jadore, and we’ll be one happy family.”

Cherie with her husband, Jessey Lee, and Jadore.

Cindy was an extremely influential force in Cherie’s life, and audiences learned earlier in the season that she supported Cherie by helping jumpstart her music career. So, why wouldn’t she reincarnate in order to continue to be a dedicated mother and look after her grandchildren even after she died?

The Heart of Bling Empire

The cast of Bling Empire is known to be very competitive with each other, and they are often compared by the amount of money they make.

But even through the lens of reality TV, Cherie’s journey touches audiences and reveals the heart of the show.

Rolling Stone Magazine touts Bling Empire for being able to tell real stories while also displaying the cast’s lavish lives and celebrating Asian culture.

Cherie Chan standing and smiling in a fancy dress.
Pic credit: Netflix

The Oprah Magazine reports that Bling Empire has not yet been renewed for a second season, due to public health restrictions. Given the popularity of Bling Empire and the willingness of the show creator to do another season, we expect that announcement to be coming.

Season 1 of Bling Empire is currently streaming on Netflix.

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3 years ago

I think the baby is her mom too. What a wonderful way to not miss someone so much.