Bling Empire cast: Who is the richest person in the friend group?

Who is the richest of them all?
Who is the richest of them all? Pic credit: Netflix

Bling Empire is Netflix’s latest reality TV craze.

Netflix has stepped up its reality TV game this past year with The Circle, Love is Blind, and Too Hot to Handle.

Netflix has also added a couple of seasons of popular reality TV series like America’s Next Top Model, The Challenge, and Are You the One?.

Now, Bling Empire is what has reality TV fans talking.

The cast consists of self-proclaimed “Crazy Rich Asians,” but just how crazy rich are these Asians?

Meet the Bling Empire cast

The two queen bees and unofficial rivals of the show are Anna Shay and Christine Chiu.

Anna is half Japanese and half Russian. She took a break from her lavish lifestyle to raise her family. Now she’s back on the scene and ready to get back to the top of her social circle. Anna quickly became a fan favorite.

Christine, inversely, earned the unofficial title of the show’s villain. Christine took over as the queen while Anna was no longer on the scene. Christine married into royalty as her husband would be emperor if the monarchy was still in place.

The rest of the cast includes Kevin Kreider, Kane Lim, Kelly Mi Li, Kim Lee, and Cherie Chan.

Kevin is a relative newcomer to the group. He didn’t come from money, but he is making a career for himself as a model and now, a reality TV star.

Kane has mentioned his trust fund and showed off his plentiful shoe collection on the show. Although he was born into money, he learned from his parents and became a successful investor and real estate developer.

Kelly was married for five years before she realized her wealthy husband was involved in a cyber scam and they lost everything. She got divorced and became a successful entrepreneur on her own.

Kim is a famous DJ and has been dubbed the Asian Calvin Harris.

Cherie isn’t afraid to break tradition. Cherie and her fiance have two children, a girl, and a little boy, but are not married. This is frowned upon in Asian culture. She was also once a famous pop singer.

Who is the richest Bling Empire cast member?

Even though all of the cast members are quite wealthy, Anna by far has the highest net worth according to Style Caster. Anna’s net worth is about $600 million thanks to her father’s business.

Next in line is Cherie with a net worth of $200 million after inheriting her family’s denim empire.

Christine follows with an $80 million net worth as a philanthropist and couture collector. Her net worth combined with her plastic surgeon husband’s, however, would be much higher.

Kane has a net worth of $20 million from his investments and real estate.

Kim’s successful music career has landed her a $10 million net worth.

Last, but not least, Kelly’s entrepreneurial success has granted her a $5 million net worth.

Needless to say, the Bling Empire cast is extremely well off.

Bling Empire Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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