Bling Empire cast on social media: Here’s how to find your favorites on Instagram

On the show, Anna Shay treats Kevin Kreider to a $5,000 dollar Dior shopping spree. Pic credit: Netflix

Bring in the next Netflix craze – Bling Empire.

While some castmembers have dynastic roots, this high-class group of Asian-Americans are making their own empire in Beverly Hills.

When Kevin Kreider met his best friend Kane Lim, Crazy Rich Asians was only a movie to him. While he remembers being one of the few Asians in his hometown, he was expecting to find ‘normal Asian friends’ when he moved to LA.

However, ‘normal’ wasn’t what he found. Being friends with Kane gave him a personal invite into the lives of the rich and glamorous of Los Angeles.

Here is how to find your favorite Bling Empire stars on social media.

Anna Shay

Bring in the queen of Beverly Hills. Worth a whopping $600 million thanks to her arms dealer father, this reclusive millionaire is known to keep a small circle.

On the show, she’s seen flying her friends to Paris for their birthdays and passing out Rolex party favors.

Christine Chiu

Christine at one point was set to appear on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so if that tells you anything, Mrs. Chiu definitely likes her drama.

Married to a successful plastic surgeon and mother of Baby G, the show also takes a peek into her struggle with conceiving another child.

Kevin Kreider

Kevin is the new kid on the block and was given the invitation to the group thanks to his friend Kane.

Originally from Philadelphia, he comes from adopted parents and is completely blown away by the lives of the excessively wealthy.

Kane Lim

Kane’s family wealth comes from oil, shipping, tanks, and real estate.

However, when Kevin says real estate, he means shopping malls, not homes.

Kim Lee

Dubbed one of the sexiest women of Southeast Asia, this international DJ keeps her friends well connected in the nightlife scene.

Known for DJing the parties of celebrities like Cardi B, it’s obvious why she’s been called the Calvin Harris of Asia.

Kelly Mi Li

Bring in Kevin’s love interest this season. While she’s dealing with her own drama with her Power Ranger boyfriend Andrew Gray, Kevin can’t stop flirting with her and even manages to take her on a date.

Even close pal Anna Shay rather Kelly date Kevin than her current toxic partner.

Prior to Andrew, she details how she left her ex-husband after he was convicted of the largest cyber scam in American history.

Cherie Chan

Heiress to a denim empire, the mother-of-two defied her Asian culture by having a baby before getting married. She threw the rulebook out the window when she asked her baby daddy to marry her in front of all their families and friends.

Who is your favorite Bling Empire cast-member?

Bling Empire Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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