Bling Empire: Did Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray get back together?

Bling Empire star Kelly Mi Li talks relationship with Andrew Gray
Are Andrew Gray and Kelly Mi Li back together? Pic credit: Netflix

Bling Empire is the newest reality TV obsession that fans just cannot get enough of!

The Netflix show features a group of Asians and Asian-Americans living it up in Los Angeles – with an abundance of beauty and an abundance of wealth.

And most importantly, they know how to bring the drama.

So far, there’s only been one season, but we are waiting with bated breath for the popular streaming company to announce Season 2.

One very engaging storyline that played out on the show is the explosive relationship between Kelly Mi Li and Power Rangers actor Andrew Gray.

The couple’s relationship was nothing short of toxic, with Andrew’s anger taking center stage and getting worse with each episode.

Andrew and Kelly even attempted counseling but that led to Kelly eventually pull the plug on the relationship–seemingly for good.

However, the Season 1 finale ended with a cliffhanger showing Kelly knocking at Andrew’s door.

Now the brunette beauty is giving an update on her relationship with the actor.

Have Kelly and Andrew reconciled?

The Bling Empire star recently had a chat with Us Weekly and dished all about the new show.

She also shared some juicy details about her relationship with Andrew.

“We were separated completely, [had] separate living situations. We broke up, and we took about five months or six months,” shared the 35-year-old.

“I continue going to therapy individually and learn more about myself because I’ve just never taken a proper time to learn about me, the person that I’m supposed to know the most.”

The couple started seeing each other again in June, months after their breakup played out the riveting Netflix show.

“Right now we’re still living separate, but we are doing really well. It’s just night and day compared to what we saw on television,” confessed Kelly. “It’s still a journey just because at the end of [the] day, mental health is so important.”

Kelly and Andrew are happy

During her chat with the media outlet, the Bling Empire star continued to dish about her relationship and shared how happy she is at the moment.

Kelly commented that both she and Andrew are trying to unlearn their toxic traits by going to therapy individually.

And so far it seems to be working.

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with him for the six years I’ve known him,” remarked the Netflix reality TV star.

Kelly added, “I have never seen this version of Andrew, and I’m very, very proud and very inspired and inspired to also be a better version of myself.”

Season 1 of Bling Empire is currently available on Netflix.

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