Christine Quinn knows she’s the Selling Sunset villain, says she’s ‘putting on a show’

Christine Quinn has embraced her title of the villain of Selling Sunset. Pic credit: Netflix

If anyone likes stirring the pot – it’s Christine Quinn.

Selling Sunset was the Netflix hit during quarantine, and fans of the show were left wondering if this is what life at the Oppenheim Group is really like?

If there’s an elephant in the room, Christine is going to be the one to point it out.

She knows she’s the villain and embraces it

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Christine revealed that she didn’t realize that people were unaware that she was “giving them a show” while appearing in the docusoap.

“I come with a background in acting – I’m classically trained and I’m f****** funny,” she explained.

The bombshell blonde is known for speaking her mind, regardless of who it might cause tension with.

Speaking of villains, Christine also revealed that 90 Day Fiance got her through the stay at home order. Her favorite character is someone she might relate to – Larissa Lima.

What’s going on with the Oppenheim Group?

When the next season of Selling Sunset returns, fans can expect a lot of changes at the office.

While Christine’s fiery personality has gotten a lot of publicity since the show premiered, Maya Vander made it clear she wasn’t happy about the comments recently made about her.

Getting called the “gossiper” of the team, the mother-of-two defended herself and said she’d rather stay out of the drama.

She also revealed that Christine didn’t mind throwing her castmates under the bus.

Maya isn’t the only one not happy with Christine. Heather Rae Young‘s fiance Tarek El Moussa also had some things to say about the out-spoken blonde.

“Christine is a big mouth, she’s said some s**tty things about us,” Tarek commented.

When it comes to their upcoming wedding, the couple reveals that Christine shouldn’t expect her invitation in the mail.

When will Season 4 premiere?

As with most industries, logistics are still being figured out to ensure the safety of the cast and crew due to the global pandemic.

According to TMZ, the series should begin filming Season 4 in Spring 2021. Not only can viewers expect Season 4, but Netflix is also reportedly asked for Season 5 as well.

Fans can expect a lot of drama coming their way as the streaming service reportedly ordered a good amount of episodes for the upcoming seasons.

Will you be tuning in when Selling Sunset returns?

Seasons 1-3 of Selling Sunset are currently streaming on Netflix.

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