Who is Below Deck Med charter guest Ulf Ekberg? Net worth, wife, and more details about Ace of Base singer

Who is Ulf Ekberg of Ace of Base on Below Deck Med?
Ulf recounted Ace of Base fame on Below Deck Mediterranean. Pic credit: Bravo

Fans are curious about Below Deck Mediterranean charter guest Ulf Ekberg, including his net worth and personal life. There has also been an increased interest in Ace of Base.

The famous singer joined his good friend, Roy Orbison Jr., and his family on The Wellington. Captain Sandy Yawn and crew took good care of the famous charter guests.

However, chief stew Hannah Ferrier did think Ulf’s ego was a little inflated considering the fame that he reached. Ace of Base was a mega-hit, but their stardom fizzled out almost as quickly as it began.

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Ulf Ekberg net worth and personal life

Ulf is a Swedish singer and songwriter. Most people know him as a signer for the 1990’s hit band Ace of Base. However, Ulf’s talents also include being a savvy businessman with a knack for producing film and television in his home country.

In 2018, Ulf came under fire for being part of a pro-Nazi band called Commit Suicide, before founding Ace of Base. The singer is regretful of his thoughts from back then and apologized for any hateful actions.

However, he also told E! Online that there are some racist, skin-head songs on a demo incorrectly attributed to Commit Suicide. Ulf also denied being part of the political group Swedish Democrats.

These days, Ulf is focused on his family. He lives with his long-time girlfriend, Johanna Aybar, in London. The happy couple is raising three children – Viggo, Vincent, and Valentina, together in London.

Online reports state that Ulf’s net worth is around $2 million. He has done quite well for himself with his various business ventures.

Ace of Base

Ulf was the founder of the 1990’s band Ace of Base. The group also featured siblings Jonas Berggren, Linn Berggren, and Jenny Berggren.

They rose to fame with the chart-topping debut album, The Sign. Ace of Base continued to produce hits throughout the ’90s but faded away in the early 2000s.

Ulf got the band back together for a short stint in 2006. They toured for two years before they stopped making music again.

Jonas and Ulf started their own music production/publishing and management company after the band was no longer making music. The two men have written and produced thousands of hit songs.

In the recent episode of Below Deck Med, Ulf credited Ace of Base’s music with leading the way for stars like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Anna Johansson
Anna Johansson
1 year ago

You Americans are so ignorant and uneducated…
Its the thruth. Because Swedish Max Martin produced Ace of Base. Google him. He done so much. So I can’t write it here. And also Redone. Lady Gagas producer and songwriter. Redone mowed to Sweden from Morocco when he was 19 just because he liked Ace of base, Europe and Roxette so much. So he went to Sweden just to work and learn about music …
Max Martin write and produced Katy Perry….

Anna Johansson
Anna Johansson
1 year ago

Ace of bases debut album Happy nation sold 23 million album.
It’s the most selling debut album ever.
Ace of base sold over 40 million records.
They split up because Malin Bergren didn’t like the spotlight and to be a “star”….
The staff didn’t know at all who Ulf really was. And I’m sure that the tvproduction company asked Ulf to talk about Ace of Base etc. The same for Roy Orbison jr. asked him to talk about his dad etc. Just to make good tv.
Probably because the whole group of guest Roy Orbison jr etc was quite humble. And easy going. Compared to the other guests in other different episodes.

Anna Johansson.
Anna Johansson.
1 year ago
Reply to  Anna Johansson

Here some history about Swedish music..