Who got voted off Survivor tonight? Landmines ahead of Tribal Council

S40 Ep11
Kim Spradlin and Ben Driebergen chatting on Survivor 40, Episode 11. Pic credit: CBS

If the person who got voted off Survivor tonight wasn’t Jeremy Collins, then the majority alliance failed in their task.

After what happened during the last episode, Jeremy became the target of the main five-person alliance that had tried to get him out at Tribal Council.

As a reminder, Jeremy used his secret power to leave Tribal Council and head back to camp with safety. It forced the five-person alliance to shift their attention to Tyson Apostol.

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Tyson was sent right back to Extinction Island, taking out Jeremy’s primary alliance member, and placing Jeremy right back on the chopping block.

Could Jeremy find a way to get safety again?

Who got voted off Survivor tonight?

Tony Vlachos won the Individual Immunity Challenge for a second straight time. It meant that he would be safe at Tribal Council, no matter what. It also put a target on his back.

With power in hand, Tony decided that now was the time he wanted to shake things up. He was part of the alliance working to get Jeremy out, and he went to Jeremy with that information.

Jeremy was hesitant to believe him, though, as he didn’t think he was being targeted. Would that change in time for Tony to help save Jeremy?

Jeremy, Michele, Jeremy, and Michele were the first four votes. But that’s usually where host Jeff Prost switches things up a bit.

From there, all the rest of the votes went to Sophie Clarke. She was absolutely shocked and blindsided. A plan that Tony had put in place caused Sophie to keep her Immunity Idol in her pocket at Tribal Council.

The person voted off Survivor tonight was Sophie Clarke, leaving just eight people left competing in the game for the $2 million prize.

More Survivor: Winners at War news

CBS has released an updated schedule for the rest of Survivor Season 40, so make sure to note when that bonus two-hour episode comes up soon.

We also know now that the Reunion Show will be done virtually this season. Due to the health situation around the country, the network couldn’t risk doing it in person. Instead, it will all be done online.

The endgame of Survivor Season 40 is at hand, so it will be very interesting to see how everything progresses and who ends up making it to the final-three vote.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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