Where did Fraser Olender lose his radio? Below Deck alum weighs in on yacht area not seen on show

Fraser Olender from Below Deck lost. his radio but where did he find it? Adrienne Gang weighs in.
Below Deck alum, Adrienne Gang spills the tea on how and where Fraser lost his radio. Pic credit: Bravo

Where did Fraser Oldener lose his radio on Below Deck? That’s a question many Below Deck viewers are asking after the most recent episode of the hit Bravo show.

Fraser frantically spent a good part of Season 9 Episode 5 searching for his radio. Not having a radio on is one of Captain Lee Rosbach’s biggest pet peeves. The captain lets the crew know that in the first meeting of the season.

Chief stew Heather Chase helped Fraser search as they tore apart the crew area. Finally, Below Deck, viewers saw Fraser find his radio in a hole in the floor essentially.

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Thanks to Below Deck Season 1 alum Adrienne Gang, fans know exactly where Fraser found his radio and how he might have lost it.

Where did Fraser Olender lose his radio on Below Deck?

Adrienne is the co-host of the podcast Gangplank Report along with blogger and superfan Jen Bennington. As they discussed the most recent episode of Below Deck Season 9, the topic of Fraser and his radio was discussed

It turns out Fraser, Heather, and stew Jessica Albert probably spent a lot more time in the area not seen very often on Below Deck. The area Fraser crawled into is called the bilge, which is described as “the area on the outer surface of a ship’s hull where the bottom curves to meet the vertical sides.”

Basically, the bilge is a crawl space storage area. Adrienne shed more light on the bilge area.

“It was in the bilge. Yeah, he probably had to crawl down there to get drinks or get decorations or get something. And I’ve had that happen before where my radio popped off down there and didn’t realize it, cause all it does is clip on to your skort or whatever,” Adrienne shared on the podcast.

How did Fraser lose his radio in the bilge on Below Deck?

Another question on Below Deck viewers’ minds was how Fraser could have lost the radio in the area so easily. It turns out that may happen more often than people think.

“I’ve had that happen before, or I take it off while I am down there because I know if I have to crawl through a bunch of bins and stuff like that, it’s going to catch on something. Usually, you take it off and stick up on the flooring above your head so that you still find it, but maybe it popped off while he was down there crawling around,” Adrienne spilled.

All’s well that ends well for Fraser Oldender on Below Deck after he found his radio in the bilge. Luckily for him, Captain Lee Rosbach was none the wiser until the show aired.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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