Below Deck: Heather Chase responds to Justin Richards’ apology, disses Michael Durham tip

Heather Chase from Below Deck responds to Justin Richards apology and Michael Durham's tip.
Heather has no problem speaking her mind about charter guests or other crew members. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Heather Chase has responded to charter guest Justin Richards’ apology and dissed the tip that primary guest Michael Durham left the crew.

Michael and Justin are now part of the worst charter guests to appear on the hit-yachting show group. Captain Lee Rosbach recently shared he hopes to never have them on the show again after their drunken behavior.

Not only did Michael insult the captain, but Justin got so drunk he told Heather, “go f**k yourself.” Justin’s words earned the guests a stern warning from Captain Lee, shape up, or the charter’s over.

The group did turn things around, but the first night events pushed the crew to the brink. When they left the My Seanna, the entire crew was happy to see them go.

Heather Chase from Below Deck responds to charter guest Justin Richards’ apology

When Heather stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to dish all things Below Deck, that’s precisely what she did.

Heather addressed Fraser Olender’s criticism of work ethic. The chief stew also clapped back at his judgment over her age, which became one hot topic on Below Deck.

Andy wasted no time bringing up Justin and his horrific behavior. After getting scolded by Captain Lee, Justin did apologize to Heather. The host wanted to know her thoughts on Justin’s apology to her.

“I have never been in a situation where a charter guest needs to apologize to me. Was it genuine? Yeah, I genuinely think his tail was between his legs, and at the end of the day, I just want them to have a great rest of their trip. Take the apology and run,” she responded.

What did Heather Chase think of Michael Durham’s tip?

Below Deck charter guest Michael did apologize for his group and thanked the crew when disembarking the luxury yacht. Michael handed Captain Lee an envelope full of cash he hoped would help make up for some of the groups’ bad behavior.

Captain Lee revealed Michael left a $19,800 tip. On WWHL, Andy asked Heather if she felt that the tip should have been larger based on the guests’ actions.

“You know it’s not a wowsome tip. Should we have gotten more? Of course. There’s always money left on the table and especially after the way they treated every single one of our crew members. But you know what, let’s just look at their class and let that answer for it,” Heather expressed.

There’s no question Heather Chase from Below Deck tells it like it is, especially when it came to Justin Richards’ apology and Michael Durham’s tip.

Heather also snuck in a little tidbit about her and alum Nico Scholly during her WWHL appearance that has Below Deck fans going nuts.

What do you think of Heather?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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