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Where are Davina and Sean from Married at First Sight Season 2 now?

Davina and Sean wear dark colors while sitting together on Decision Day
Davina and Sean call it quits on Decision Day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight has matched couples from different parts of the country each season, with this upcoming season taking place in Houston, Texas. When MAFS first began, both Season 1 and 2 took place in the New York City/New Jersey area. 

Going forward, the series would adjust to have couples be more local to one another, and that’s likely due to the location difficulties that Season 2 couple, Davina and Sean, faced during their few weeks of marriage. 

Davina and Sean hardly spent time together 

Davina and Sean were infatuated with each other on their wedding day and both believed the experts got their pairing right. They found each other attractive and had high hopes that this could be the love they had long been searching for. 

However, the honeymoon phase did not last long for the couple. Both had busy schedules with Davina working as a successful pharmaceutical saleswoman and Sean working as a trauma nurse. 

They also had contrasting communication styles and wants from a spouse. Davina was too independent for Sean and Sean wasn’t assertive enough for Davina, who wanted to feel both challenged and respected by her husband. 

Davina comforts a tearful Sean in the car
Davina and Sean have an emotional heart to heart. Pic credit: Lifetime

Amidst all these problems, the biggest issues for the couple was their homes being so far away from each other. Davina wanted Sean to stay with her in the city but, throughout the process, Sean realized he didn’t want to be that far away from home.

It was revealed that the two hardly ever stayed under the same roof during the short experiment, with Sean constantly returning back to his hometown. Having only spent ten days out of the six-week experiment together, the pair was never able to build a deep connection or get to know each other since their time together was so scarce. 

While none of the three couples on MAFS Season 2 remained married in the long run, Davina and Sean were the only couple to know they had no future together by the time the experiment ended and both said no on Decision Day. Season 2 ended up having a significantly lower success rate than Season 1, with none of the Season 2 couples’ marriages lasting, whereas Jamie and Doug from Season 1 are still married and still very connected with the MAFS franchise.

Where are Davina and Sean now?

Both Davina and Sean are now parents and found love with new people. 

Davina Kullar is now Davina Davis. She married her husband, Donald Davis in 2016 and, despite her devotion to NYC on MAFS, the pair eventually relocated and now reside in North Carolina. 

Davina and Donald also expanded their family when she gave birth to their precious son, Hudson, in 2019. She and her son share the same birthday month.

Since having her baby, Davina’s social media mostly consists of adorable photos of her son and their adventures as a family. Recently she posted about her son turning two in May. 

Sean is not as public with his social life and has expressed no longer wanting to speak about or be associated with Married at First Sight. 

From what he has shared publicly in the past, it seems Sean got engaged in 2018 and eventually married his significant other. It also appears Sean is now a father and is currently raising his daughter Ellie. 

Both Davina and Sean have separated themselves from the MAFS franchise for the most part and appear much happier with their new families. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime 

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