When are the Duggar babies due in November 2019?

Kendra Caldwell during a Counting On confessional.
Kendra Caldwell is the next Duggar woman due. Pic credit: TLC

The Duggar family is going to have a busy month in November. Three new little girls are slated to be born to Anna Duggar, Kendra Caldwell, and Lauren Swanson.

This year has been full of pregnancy announcements and baby girls being added to the family. Up until this past May, Josh and Anna Duggar were the only couple who had girls.

Mackynzie was the first Duggar grandchild to be born in 2009, and the couple welcomed Meredith in 2015 shortly after the scandal regarding Josh and his sisters broke.

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Jessa Duggar was the first pregnancy announcement this year and she welcomed a little girl back in May. Kendra Caldwell, Joy-Anna Duggar, Lauren Swanson, and Anna Duggar announced their pregnancies back in the spring and since then, a lot has changed.

Joy-Anna Duggar revealed that she lost her little girl during the 20th week of pregnancy. She named her Annabell Elise. There are a lot of emotions that will be coming up as her sisters-in-law welcome their little girls and her pregnancy plays out on the new season of Counting On.

Kendra Caldwell is the next Duggar woman due to give birth. While the official due date has not been revealed, she is likely due at any point in the coming days. She found out she was expecting around the time Jessa Duggar had her gender ultrasound, which means the beginning to mid-November is a safe assumption.

Lauren Swanson is due next. She and Josiah Duggar shared their baby registry on Amazon and the official due date listed there is November 17. That means she is just three weeks away from giving birth to her little girl.

This is an exciting moment for the couple who grieved the loss of their first baby after they miscarried early on. It is something they are extensively discussing this season on Counting On.

Finally, Anna Duggar is due near the end of the month. Her official due date has also not been disclosed, but a Thanksgiving baby might likely be arriving for the family. Anna and Josh Duggar have the largest family and baby will make six for them.

Counting On airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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