What does Jovi do for a living and how much money does he make?

Jovi’s work schedule gives them less than 60 days to figure out if they want to get married. Pic credit: TLC

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren are the latest couple to join the 90 Day Franchise.

Coming from Ukraine, Yara is ready to make her life in America. However, being happy in America is something Yara plans on making Jovi work for.

Although he rented out a new apartment in a nice part of town in an effort to impress her – she felt the apartment was only big for one.

From the furniture to the smell of the streets of New Orleans, it’s obvious Yara isn’t too happy with her new home.

What does Jovi do for a living?

Jovi makes nice living as he works in the lucrative field of underwater robotics. According to Glassdoor, those in his position, average about $127,000 per year.

On his Linkedin profile, Jovi’s job title is listed as ‘ROV Supervisor’ in the oil and gas industry.

Spending his childhood on the bayou, he feels most at home when he’s on a boat.  Jovi has been to 25 countries through his profession and he loves to travel during his off-time too, which is how he met Yara.

Jovi makes good money, which is something that Yara is happy about but she isn’t quite happy about his work schedule.

Yara revealed why she doesn’t trust Jovi

In the latest episode, Yara revealed she’s been carrying a lot of resentment toward her American fiance.

Two weeks after she arrived in the US, Jovi is pulled into another 4-week work trip. Not only does this leave Yara at the apartment alone, this only gives them only 60 days left on their K-1 visa to figure out if they want to get married.

This only leads Yara to think about the future – how Jovi’s work trips will always be weeks long and she’ll always be left alone with their future children.

One of the reasons they expedited their K1 visa process was Yara’s unexpected pregnancy.

Prior to coming to the US, Jovi and Yara experienced a major loss when on vacation in Albania. When it was time to leave the country, Yara lost her passport and Jovi was forced to leave for work without her.

No one could’ve predicted that Yara would be forced to go in for emergency surgery. Yara ultimately lost the baby and hasn’t really gotten over Jovi leaving her in Albania.

Since then, Yara isn’t convinced that Jovi is really there for her like he says he is.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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