Wendy Williams calls latest season of RHOC ‘unwatchable,’ wants Vicki and Tamra to return

Wendy Williams wants Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson to return to RHOC.
Wendy Williams wants Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson to return to RHOC. Pic credit: Fox

Controversial talk show host Wendy Williams wants to see Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge return to Real Housewives of Orange County after an “unwatchable” season without them.

RHOC Season 15 was slammed by many viewers this season, now including Wendy Williams.

One of the main differences between Season 14 and Season 15 was that longtime cast members Tamra and Vicki were not on after being dropped by Bravo.

Wendy pleaded with Andy Cohen to bring back the two women claiming that the show has tanked without them.

“Andy, I know that you still have Vicki’s telephone number. Why don’t you invite both of these girls back, Tamra and Vicki, back to the OC?” Wendy asked. “Because from what I understand, nobody’s watching but Norman and that’s only because he’s on assignment.”

Her producer, Norman Baker, then chimed in agreeing with her sentiment.

“It is not good this year. It was not good,” he expressed.

“Unwatchable!” Wendy exclaimed.

“Unwatchable,” Norman agreed. “Garbage! Yo, I’m a Housewives-nista and this season was not good. Bring back Tamra and Vicki.”

Wendy then made her case why she wanted the OG of the OC to return.

“Vicki I know you’re handling on your own financially speaking but we miss you on the Housewives,” Wendy pleaded.

“And, Tamra I miss you as well,” she added. “The idea that when the three of you were all friends, that was just funny because the other girls hated you all because you had a thicker bond than the rest of them.”

Wendy then made one final request: “Can we bring petty all the way back to the OC?”

Wendy cites Tamra and Vicki’s latest petty move

Wendy mentioned that she really missed Vicki and Tamra on the show after their latest petty move aimed at former Tres Amigos, Shannon Beador.

Vicki and Tamra had a falling out with Shannon after they left the show, and they haven’t been afraid to let everyone know.

Shannon’s ex-husband David Beador recently welcomed a new child into the world with his new wife, Lesley Cook.

Shannon and David’s marriage did not end amicably and she has expressed that he hasn’t been responsive when it comes to co-parenting.

Vicki and Tamra likely aimed to cut deeper into that wound after they congratulated David on his new child on social media.

Would Vicki and Tamra return if asked?

Rumors that Vicki and Tamra may return to the show ignited after Andy Cohen hinted about a potential RHOC reboot.

Vicki has remained relatively silent on the matter. However, Tamra has spoken out about whether she’d return to the show.

She isn’t entirely opposed to coming back but she said she would only return if the cast is right, and Tamra has expressed that the current RHOC cast is not her dream team.

Do you want to see Vicki and Tamra back on RHOC?

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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Sherley Moise
Sherley Moise
3 years ago

Yes I wanted to see Tamar and Vicki back

3 years ago

Get rid of Braunwyn, please. She is not likeable
or interesting, just a hot mess! It is sad to watch her destroying her family and thinking only of herself. I enjoy watching Emily and would like to see her professional life. Gina is adorable with her handsome new man and I want to see Shannon and John’s relationship progress. Kelly can be a wild child at times, but she keeps us guessing and I still want to see her with her new husband. I’m not sure about Elizabeth…..

C W Bileich
C W Bileich
3 years ago

YES!! Bring Vicky and Tamra back please!! They make the show!
Get rid of Braunwyn, and Elizabeth.