Wells Adams explains how Bachelor in Paradise producers busted Ivan Hall and Alexa Caves

Wells Adams on Bachelor in Paradise
Wells Adams opens up about Ivan Hall and Alexa Caves breaking protocol. Pic credit: ABC

By now, it’s no secret that Ivan Hall broke Bachelor in Paradise protocol when he snuck off to spend time with Alexa Caves while the cast and crew were evacuated to keep them safe from a tropical storm, but how they did it was pretty impressive.

Now that Ivan has been sent home and we know that Alexa never even made it to the beach, Wells Adams is clearing up how this all went down and how it was even possible given production’s careful planning in their failed effort to keep everyone apart while cameras weren’t rolling.

Wells explained it all on his Your Favorite Things podcast with Brandi Cyrus, noting that in order for Ivan and Alexa to be able to meet up, a host of circumstances had to fall into place perfectly… and it seems they did.

Wells Adams says Ivan Hall’s deception changed up the whole rose ceremony

While explaining to Brandi that he was almost ready for the rose ceremony and even had his entire script memorized, Wells had to scrap it all and wing it for the intense conversation with Ivan that we saw on the ABC series.

“I learned this entire script — this happened to me so many times this season, by the way — I learned this entire script. They’re like, ‘Scrap it. We’re going rogue.’ And I was like, ‘What does that mean?’” Wells explained. “And they’re like, ‘Just go ask Ivan to talk. He’s got something to tell you. Something happened last night when everyone was back at the [hotel].’ … And then so then he, like, unloads this entire thing.”

That’s when Wells learned that Ivan had been spending time with Alexa at the hotel and it changed literally everything. After all, Ivan had just kissed Chelsea and was trying to get her rose away from Aaron. It nearly caused a fight on the beach but what was coming was much more dramatic.

How did Ivan know which room Alexa was in?

According to Wells, Bachelor in Paradise cast were quarantined in their rooms and production went to great lengths to make sure they stayed in there in an effort to not ruin anything for the show. They did all the running for the cast so that they could stay in one place.

“You get taken to a room like that, or before the show starts, you’re stuck there, you’re not allowed to leave the room, they take your keys away, you’re just stuck there. So if you ever need anything, the producer has to come and give it to you,” Wells explained. “So like, ‘Hey, we need some chips and, you know, a case of beer and whatever,’ producers have to come and bring it to you.”

But apparently, Ivan got lucky and found a loophole. Here’s how Wells says this drama all started.

Wells explained, “What I think happened was a producer came over, we’re all friends, we’re working on a show together, everyone knows each other, and so I think what happened is that a producer had everyone’s room number on their phone. And because you have your mask, and your phone doesn’t read, like, it’s your face, she had turned off her face notification, so she could get to, like, all the information. And so she left the phone in the room, I think he went over and was like, ‘Oh, here’s a phone,’ realized it opened up and the first thing was everyone’s room number. And then he bailed.”

Wells suggested that Noah Erb, who was Ivan’s roommate at the hotel, had to know what was going on with Ivan, since he was gone from their room all night. And we know that Noah did, in fact, know — because he talked about it on TikTok. But Noah didn’t rat Ivan out. Bachelor in Paradise producers figured out what was going on on their own.

Here’s how Bachelor in Paradise producers busted Ivan and Alexa

It turns out that Ivan and Alexa may have managed to get in a room together but they weren’t very slick about it. And they weren’t very quiet either.

“A producer was next door to her room. She heard people talking late into the night. [Alexa] obviously [is] quarantined away from everyone, [and the producer is] like, ‘Who is this person talking to? What’s going on?’” Wells said.

“How we found out about it was she called and asked for a wake-up call at, like, five in the morning. When we found out about that, we were like, ‘What is she waking up for? She’s not going to set today? Why are you getting up at five in the morning?’ … We heard voices, wake-up call, like, what’s going on?”

Once confronted about what was going on in her room the night before, Alexa Caves caved and told production everything, spilling all the dirt on her night spent with Ivan Hall.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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