Ivan Hall responds after Noah Erb’s confession that he knew about visiting Alexa Caves

Ivan Hall lays on a daybed
Ivan Hall and Noah Erb reenact the events of that fateful hotel night. Pic credit: ABC

Ivan Hall had a bumpy ride on Bachelor in Paradise, but fortunately, he and his friend, Noah Erb, are finding the humor in the situation. 

After his tumultuous BIP experience culminated with a scandal involving Alexa Caves, Ivan decided Bachelor in Paradise was no longer for him and self-eliminated, leaving many curious about what exactly went on behind the scenes at the hotel. 

Noah Erb, who was Ivan’s roommate at the hotel, made a video of his take on the situation, and Ivan responded with an amusing video of his own. 

Noah Erb says he warned Ivan about visiting Alexa Caves 

During the latest rose ceremony, Bachelor in Paradise’s Master of Ceremonies, Wells Adams, pulled Ivan aside in front of the entire cast. Wells then confronted Ivan about breaking protocol while the cast was pent up at a hotel during the storm. 

Ivan confessed to having looked at a producer’s phone to learn the hotel room number of upcoming castmate, Alexa Caves. He then broke the rules by leaving his hotel room to spend hours with Alexa Caves in her room, claiming his actions stemmed from being in a bad headspace and doing crazy things for love. 

While Wells and Ivan spoke, the remaining cast attempted to figure out what was going on, with many of them looking to Noah Erb for answers since he was Ivan’s roommate at the hotel. 

When being questioned by the cast, Noah smirked as though he knew some insider information but remained tight-lipped about what he truly knew of the situation. 

Now that the episode has aired, Noah is revealing more juicy details. 

In a TikTok video, Noah used a popular sound bite to explain that he knew about Ivan’s plan to sneak over to Alexa’s room, and he warned Ivan not to do it. Still, Noah was also prepared to “lie to the whole beach” about Ivan’s whereabouts, seemingly to protect him. 

Ivan Hall cosigns Noah’s story 

Ivan appears to agree with Noah’s retelling of the events. After Noah’s confession, Ivan made a TikTok reenacting the moment with the caption, “@noah_erb held me down.”

In the video, Ivan also uses a popular TikTok sound bite as he pretends to tell Noah that no one will know if he sneaks out of the hotel. Ivan suggests that Noah tried to warn him and say that people would know and find out, but Ivan leaves any way as he chucks up the peace sign and heads out. 

While Ivan seemed to experience more losses than love on Bachelor in Paradise, it seems he’s still in good spirits and continues to have a strong bond with friends from the show like Noah. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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