Was Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor really the worst?

Peter Weber
Was Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor really the worst? Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber has been labeled one of the worst of the Bachelor franchise because of the decisions he’s made. His season has been called boring as well.

However, we’d like to argue that Peter’s season is not the worst in the entire franchise. In fact, we believe there’s one Bachelor who is just that much worse than Peter.

And that Bachelor is Juan Pablo Galavis.

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Peter Weber admitted to his mistakes

During filming, Peter admitted that he had made mistakes. The first one was when he sent home Alayah based on the other women’s opinions about her, only to bring her back and then give her a rose.

Probably not the best move.

Not once throughout filming did Juan Pablo admit to his mistakes. Instead, he’d serve up his infamous quote, “It’s okay.”

He didn’t share too many of his feelings, which essentially resulted in all of the women walking away from the show — except one. He wouldn’t propose, but instead, asked finalist Nikki Ferrell to be his girlfriend.

While Peter would later say that he struggled because dating several women at once wasn’t his specialty, he tried to please everyone.

That’s more than what can be said about Juan Pablo.

Peter Weber didn’t pass the blame

That brings in the idea of responsibility. At least Peter is trying to be accountable for his actions.

Even though Peter said it would have been nice to know that Madison was saving herself for marriage, he put the blame on himself for the aftermath, sharing that she had only done what he asked of her — to be honest.

Juan Pablo, on the other hand, was good at passing the blame. During a scene on the show, he and Clare Crawley presumably hooked up in the ocean. Juan Pablo was quick to say that she initiated it and that it had been a little weird.

But there’s more.

In 2014, Juan Pablo gave an interview to The TV Page, where he revealed that he didn’t think having a gay Bachelor on the show would set the right example for kids.

This summer, Bachelor In Paradise producers allowed Demi Burnett to pursue her love interest on the show. That happened to be a woman, and the two started dating on the show.

For the first time ever, The Bachelor franchise followed a same-sex relationship, making history.

While Peter may not have pleased every viewer, Juan Pablo seemed to put the entire franchise in a bad light.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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