Virginia Coombs says goodbye to Married At First Sight

MAFS Virginia Coombs listens intently
MAFS Erik Lake tells Virginia Coombs he wants a divorce. Pic Credit: Lifetime

Last night’s Married At First Sight’s Couples Cam was Virginia Coombs last time appearing on the show and Virginia seems relieved.

Virginia is relieved to be finished with Married At First Sight

Not everyone who goes on Married At First Sight gets their happily ever after, and the ending for Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake was less than a fairy tale.

Last night’s Couples Cam was Virginia’s final appearance under the Married At First Sight banner, and this morning it seemed Virginia woke up to a new beginning for herself.

She posted to her Instagram story the song by Carly Pearce titled “Day One” and captioned the song by saying that her time with MAFS was officially over, ending with the airing of last night’s Couples Cam episode.

Virginia added that it felt like finally, it was her “Day One.”

Screenshot from Virginia's IG Stories.
Pic credit:@meet_virg_/Instagram

Virginia seems more relieved than anything to be finished with her time on Married At First Sight and appears to be looking forward to a brand new beginning post-MAFS.

Virginia’s rough few months

It’s really no wonder Virginia Coombs is ready to be finished with her Married At First Sight experience, as the last few months have been especially rough for the MAFS Season 12 alum.

Virginia and Erik Lake surprised fans by suddenly announcing their divorce in June. But the divorce announcement was just the tip of the iceberg as things between Virginia and her now ex-husband Erik Lake became explosive.

Following their divorce, the once couple decided to try to have an amicable meetup. But despite Virginia and Erik’s good intentions their friendly reunion soon went terribly wrong. Following their get-together Virginia posted a video to her Tik Tok, calling Erik a “narcissist with a God complex” and claiming their fight had been so escalated that she had ended up getting out of the car in the middle of the street and having to take an Uber home.

Erik responded with a single Reddit post saying that Virginia was not telling the truth and to remind fans that there were always two sides to every story.

Many hoped that would be the end of the drama, until Virginia responded with another video, comparing her situation to that of the well-publicized domestic abuse case of Gabby Petito. While Virginia did add a disclaimer that none of her ex’s had ever physically abused her, it seemed clear to fans that many of the comments in the video were aimed at Erik.

Although the last week has been quiet for the ex-couple, it will be interesting to see what response, if any, they have to their final episode together.

With all the drama between her and her ex and all the social media attention around their relationship, it is no wonder that Virginia Coombs is ready to be finished with her time on Married At First Sight. Hopefully, with the airing of the final episode, Virginia will finally get her “Day One.”

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.