MAFS: Erik Lake claps back at Virginia Coombs, says she’s not telling the truth

MAFS Erik Lake looks angry
Erik Lake has his own version of events Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Season 12’s Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs are making headlines once again as the two go head to head over differing stories about a recent post-divorce meetup.

Breakups are never easy, but when yours is publicized across national television and social media channels, well that is just brutal.

Such was the case for freshly divorced Married At First Sight Season 12 couple Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs who is now caught in a heated “he said she said” battle being fought across social media.

Erik and Virginia caught in a “he said she said” battle

After Virginia put her ex-husband on blast after a lunch date gone wrong, Erik fired back a response to a recent Tik Tok video that called him out. Erik responded to Virginia’s video by saying that the allegations she was making were untrue and not an accurate depiction of how he acted or lived his life.

Erik adds he would never post those types of things about Virginia because it was a private matter, that he would never do that to her and that he simply wanted to address the allegations raised from her video. Erik adds he is not trying to sway fans’ opinion of him, just that he is trying to clear the air.

MAFS Erik Lake responds to ex wife Virginia's video
MAFS’ Erik responds to ex-wife Virginia’s video Pic credit: @Erik_cleared_for_TO/Reddit

Virginia posts a tell-all video

So what was in this notorious video posted by Erik’s ex-wife Virginia Coombs to her Tik Tok? Well aside from calling Erik a “God complex filled narcissist” Virginia also paints a picture of a reunion lunch that did not end well.

Virginia states that during a lunch with her ex, presumably recent ex-husband Erik Lake, things took a nasty turn. Virginia claims she had to get out of the car in the middle of the street in order to walk to find an Uber to take home after a fight between the two had escalated.

Virginia claimed that Erik had told her she was not doing anything with her life and should let go of the trauma from her childhood as it was clearly holding her back. Virginia fired back in the video with a response that while she is in therapy actively working on herself, that her ex was continuing to be a “God complex filled narcissist.”

While the feud still remains a “he said she said” battle, it does seem the couple might have come to the conclusion that spending time together post-divorce might not be the best thing.

Following their recent divorce, Erik and Virginia had initially said they were not closing the door to a “possible future together” but we think it’s safe to say the recent feud may have just slammed that door shut for good.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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2 years ago

This is a conservative vs liberal conversation. Both, obviously decent people, just on different planets. The use of opposing language shows us that these two would never make it because they communicate so differently. Applause to them for giving it a shot. I hope Virginia starts to heal from her past, to which I understand in my own way. It’s going to take a lifetime of work, on and off. Good luck to Erik and thank you for your service. Sending hugs to both.

7 months ago

Eric was emotionally and verbally abusive. Virginia is a broken person, and he inflicted more damage on a vulnerable person. He used words like “you always”, “you never”. A few times, he threatened to leave or told her to leave. Too many accusations and derogatory remarks aimed at her made me extremely uncomfortable. I wish the experts had addressed his behavior. They were quick to tell her she couldn’t continue living a single life, but never called him out on his abusive behavior. He perfected gaslighting and blaming. He will continue to do it in every relationship.