MAFS’ Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs officially call it quits and file for divorce

MAFS Erik and Virginia pose for post wedding photo
MAFS’s Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs were all smiles on their wedding day Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Sight’s Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs have called it quits and officially filed for divorce.

Court records obtained by Monsters and Critics revealed the couple used Erik’s attorney to file an uncontested divorce this week.

In the state of Georgia, where the couple wed for the Married at First Sight Atlanta season, an uncontested divorce can take as little as 30 days, meaning the couple could be officially divorced as early as the end of July.

Virginia unfollowing Erik on Instagram was the first hint of real trouble

The couple has been fighting rumors for the past few weeks surrounding a possible split, as it had come to fans’ attention that Virginia had unfollowed Erik on Instagram.

The couple also garnered suspicion around the stability of their relationship. Virginia continued to post pictures of herself on solo vacations, including pictures where her left hand and wedding ring were not visible.

Virginia had responded to these rumors by informing fans that due to the amount of criticism the couple had received, they would be “taking their relationship off social media.” While this quieted the rumor mill surrounding their volatile relationship, for the time being, fans were still suspicious.

It turns out that fans had every right to be suspicious. Married at First Sight’s Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs officially filed for divorce, as the court records show.

MAFS's Erik and Virginia's divorce records
Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs officially have filed for divorce. Pic credit: Fulton County Superior Court

The court records obtained by Monsters and Critics go on to show that the couple did use Erik Lake’s attorney to file their uncontested divorce on the 30th of June officially.

MAFS's Erik and Virginia's court records
Erik and Virginia filed for divorce on June 30, 2021. Pic credit: Fulton County Superior Court

It’s a sad ending to a story that had started as a fairy tale. The couple certainly had the kind of instant chemistry that many Married at First Sight couples dream of.

The couple’s easy intimacy and instant attraction to each other caused many fans and the experts to have high hopes for Erik and Virginia’s relationship.

Married at First Sight fans predicted Virginia and Erik’s divorce almost from the start

That enthusiasm quickly waned, however, as the couple’s explosive fights became more frequent. The couple argued over everything from Virginia’s party-girl ways to Erik’s controlling behavior and even over Virginia’s dog.

Despite multiple attempts by the show’s experts to alleviate some of the arguments, the show ended with many of the couple’s issues still unresolved. That fact alone did not bode well for the couple’s future.

Although Erik and Virginia appeared to be doing well in the show’s follow-up specials, the two still seemed to have disagreements over everything from the laundry to the ongoing battle over Virginia’s pets, including her dog’s behavior and her two cats Erik claimed to be allergic to.

Instagram pictures also continued to show Virginia persisting in her party girl ways, causing many fans to question if the couple could and would remain together.

Today those questions are answered as Married At First Sight’s Virginia and Erik, finally call it quits.

Married At First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Sam Spade
Sam Spade
3 years ago

No surprise here – her drinking and ongoing ‘relationships’ with her male ‘friends’ would turn anyone with a brain and morality off. She needs treatment – he needs…who knows what!