MAFS: Are Virginia and Erik together or did they split?

MAFS Virginia and Erik pose on their wedding day
MAFS Virginia and Erik’s wedding day was all smiles. Pic credit: Lifetime

MAFS Season 12’s Virginia Lake is no longer following her husband Erik on Instagram. Fans and experts alike are wondering what this new development could mean for a couple that already had a fairly rocky reputation.

MAFS Atlanta’s Virginia and Erik were not one of the season’s most likely to succeed couples, and many wonder if Virginia unfollowing Erik on Instagram, a social media platform she uses frequently, could indicate the couple finally calling it quits.

While Erik is still following Virginia, he is much less active on the platform and it could just be a matter of time until an announcement is made, or he unfollows her as well.

Erik and Virginia have beat the odds so far…

Rumors of the MAFS couple splitting have followed them consistently throughout their relationship, even after their Decision Day agreement to stay married. There were even questions if the couple had changed their minds following Decision Day, or soon after.

The initial rumors were answered by the show’s follow-up special, which showed the couple in somewhat blissful cohabitation and seemingly doing well in their new life together.

The couple had started out with great promise. From day one, Erik and Virginia’s connection and chemistry were apparent.

The couple enjoyed their honeymoon together and seemed to have no problem with intimacy or enjoying each other’s company. But problems began once the couple realized that the age difference, partnered with Virginia’s party girl lifestyle, might present a serious problem.

Erik and Virginia’s fundamental differences and lifestyles fueled the rumors throughout the entire season and beyond. How could two people with such different viewpoints sustain a marriage in the long term?

Well it’s possible they haven’t.

Virginia is hiding her left hand

This picture from Virginia’s Instagram shows her on a solo trip to Florida with both her husband Erik and possibly her wedding ring not in attendance.

In it, Virginia’s right hand is conspicuously on top of her left as if she is intentionally covering it. Could it be to hide the fact that she is not wearing her wedding ring?

It certainly is a possibility and with so much controversy surrounding the couple, it does make many fans suspicious that the couple is in fact, no longer together.

Virginia and Erik’s differences were very well documented throughout the show. From fights about Virginia’s dog, Rockie, to Virginia’s partying lifestyle and Erik’s stern military ways the couple had regular blowups, both intense and often.

Virginia and Erik’s lifestyle differences continued to be an issue for the couple throughout the show and Virginia’s drinking was even something that was expressed to the show’s relationship expert, Dr. Pepper.

Dr. Pepper had advised Erik to discuss the problem directly with Virginia. However, Virginia brushed it off when it was brought up and the show saw its finale without any real resolution on many of the couple’s issues.

Without any real resolution presented on the show, many fans had feared the worst, that the couple simply couldn’t make it in the long term. Based on recent events, it looks like those fans’ fears might have just become a reality and news that Virginia has unfollowed Erik on social media is making it look like those fears might actually have some merit.

Married at First Sight returns on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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