MAFS: Virginia Coombs compares her situation to Gabby Petito, throws shade at Erik Lake?

MAFS Virginia Coombs listens intently
Virginia Coombs speaks out Pic credit: Lifetime

The saga continues for Married At First Sight Season 12 alum Virginia Coombs and her now ex-husband, Erik Lake.

It’s been quite a week for Season 12’s Virginia Coombs. Today Virginia posted another video to her Tik Tok, this time discussing the details of the Gabby Petito case, which has been dominating headlines for weeks, and how she felt it applied to her own life and background.

Virginia makes it clear, however, that none of her ex’s, including Erik Lake, ever physically abused her.

Virginia takes to TikTok — again

Throughout Season 12, Virginia continuously made references to the way she grew up and how it had caused her to enter therapy and also played a part in her difficult marriage to Erik Lake. Virginia dove a little deeper into her childhood as she discussed in her video, the conversation she had with her mother about the Gabby Petito case and its comparison to her own and her mother’s situation.

Virginia revealed how many people growing up had felt her mother had been “crazy” and that she herself had even thought that, until she realized her mother’s behavior was only in reaction to her father’s alleged ongoing manipulation.

Virginia went on to say that just because someone may appear like they are acting crazy in a relationship, there could be lots of factors going on behind the scenes that could be causing someone’s behavior. She added that usually, the person who might only respond with a comment and may initially seem like the calm one is actually the instigator.

Could she be referring to her ex-husband Erik as an example of this?


just to be clear, because I know assumptions will be made, none of my exes have ever physically abused me. #gabbypetito #brianlaundrie #narctok

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Virginia and Erik fire back and forth

Earlier this week, Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake had a major post-meetup meltdown following an attempted amicable reunion. Virginia took to the airwaves of TikTok and painted a pretty dark picture of the two’s meetup. Virginia claimed she had to get out of Erik’s car in the middle of the street and take an Uber home, due to the couple’s explosive disagreement.

In response, Erik had posted a comment on Reddit, simply reminding fans there were two sides to every story and that one side is not always the true side.

Virginia received a lot of flack for posting the initial video to her TikTok and the video elicited comments from fans calling her “crazy” while Erik only responded to the incident with a single statement.

But while Virginia and Erik might not be on the best of terms, she did add a disclaimer to the video that said “because I know assumptions will be made none of my exes have ever physically abused me.” Virginia did want to make it clear that her using the Gabby Petito case as a comparison, did not mean she had been physically abused by Erik or any of her exes.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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